Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Last Year's Goals...

So, in looking back to last year's goals for our home, Andy and I were a bit dishonest.  We mentioned things that needed to be done like cleaning the carpets, refinishing the kitchen floors, and painting the white trim in the house, yet all of these things were in preparation for the largest goal we had for this year--to sell our first house!  So, technically we accomplished all of 2011's goals and more. 

To think all of this happened in one year...

1.  We finished our half bath re-do to start the year.  This included framing out a mirror and changing out a faucet for starters.
2.  We had our kitchen floors refinished.  Much better!
3.  We changed out the landscaping in the dead of winter like crazy people.
4.  BIG NEWS:  We put our first home on the market last February.
5.  I posted a couple of different times about keeping the house in order for selling.
6.  We revealed the news that we had sold and were officially moving.  We were technically a little dishonest on this note as well, considering we had accepted an offer a month earlier and kept it quiet.
7.  We celebrated HERE that the papers had been signed and the keys had been handed over.  I can still remember the relief we felt on this day!
8.  We discussed the joys of moving in this post.
9.  We gave you a sneak peek of our next home here.  We were SO excited!
10.  We shared a few of our first big purchases for the new house here and here.
11.  We got a brand new blog design around this time as well.
12.  We finally closed on our new home.
13.  After moving in, we showed the complete "before" shots of our new home.
14.  I striped the half bathroom.
15.  We added some new curtains around the house.
16.  We painted the dining room.
17.  I painted our front door.
18.  We changed out some lighting.
19.  My granddad built a bookcase for us and we finally completed the installation.
20.  I painted out the columns in the house.
21.  And of course, our latest project was pretty exciting.  IKEA to the rescue.

If you made it through the list, you are likely blood-related to us, but thanks for your time.  It really helps us to remember all that we've been able to accomplish in a year's time, especially when it seems that so many things go undone.  Stay tuned and we'll share all that we intend to do in 2012!

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