Monday, December 5, 2011

Last built-in post...

So, after a couple of holes were drilled for cords to go where they needed to, we were able to successfully add a lamp to the top shelf of the bookcase (along with a few other things, of course) to finally finish the built-in project.

Here we have the new lamp in all of its glory.  The base hails from Target, but the shade was taken from another lamp in the house.  To think I almost returned the lamp just because I wasn't loving the height of the shade!  I moved the shade that I had originally purchased to another lamp base, so all is well.

I added a lantern and a couple of picture frames to the other side to add a bit of balance. 

The lighting is really awesome in this pic, huh?  Still struggling to take decent pictures in our home, clearly.

And the view of things from a distance.  Not the most exciting pictures ever, but we are SO glad to have it finished!!!

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