Thursday, December 29, 2011

Goals for 2012

In the spirit of the new year, Andy and I have been discussing ideas for 2012.  What do we want to accomplish?  What is reasonable to change in a new home?  What projects do we need to budget for? 

I think the second question is the most "gray" for us.  After all, the beauty of a new home is that nothing really HAS to change immediately, yet at the same time, there are things you naturally want to tweak to make it more your own.  We have already created a master list of things that could stand to be changed over time, but I think the conversations will continue as to what needs to be altered more quickly.

Anywho, here is the list that we've come up with for this year.  Unlike last year, these are projects that will likely take us the majority of the year to complete.  Note that the last 2 are not as home-related as the others.

{The Bozemans' 12 Goals for 2012}

1.  Paint master bathroom.  I'm thinking of a deep blue--watch out.

2. Add crown moulding to upstairs bedrooms.  For his birthday and Christmas, Andy received a couple of different tools that will help us with this project.  We have heard horror stories regarding installing crown, but we are willing to give it a go.  Learn along with us!

3. Learn to use new power tools.  Andy now has a miter saw, jigsaw, and kreg jig to learn to use for projects, and I jumped on the tool train as well and asked for a power sander for Christmas to use in refinishing furniture.  We both have a bit of a learning curve ahead, but we are looking forward to the challenge.

4. Blog more regularly.  Do I really need to expand upon this thought?  I think we all are aware that I struggle with posting consistently.  My full-time job sometimes sucks the life out of other areas of interest, but I am committed to find a better balance.  One idea I've had for improvement:  Plan ahead.  Although this goes for many areas of my life (meals to cook for the week, laundry loads, etc.), I plan to think through my posts for the week and add them into my planner to hopefully increase my chances of getting things done.

5. Continue organizing the garage for 2 vehicles to be parked there.  The reality of the situation is that we have a 2-car garage and 2 vehicles, but we are not making the best use of space.  The other reality is that we just paid to have several things fixed on our "outdoor car" that might not have needed correcting had it been parked indoors (insert sad face here).  Long story short:  Clean out the garage.

6. Finish Alabama room.  I did make a good start on this yesterday when I purchased what I hope to be the correct size frames for Andy's vintage football posters (second time's a charm, right?).  Once we get those up, I need to choose curtains for the windows (maybe a fabric with a good crimson?), choose pillows for the couch, and I'm considering striping a wall in the room.  All of this with Andy's input, of course.

7. Organize master closet and pantry.  Kind of disaster areas right now.  I don't have a good reason why, other than we moved several months ago???  I've put it off, but with The Container Store coming to town, maybe I can be motivated to get organized around here.

8. Put 2nd guest bedroom together (IKEA bed).  Yeesh.  I bought this bed a while ago, told the blogosphere about it, and proceeded to do nothing at all with it.  Going to get on this, STAT.

9. Fancy up the laundry room.  To be honest, I'm just so darn excited to have a laundry room at all, and I am just dying to get in there and pretty it up.  We have 2 giant sheets of bead board that were left over by the builder (it was used around our island) that can definitely be used (and painted).  I'm also wanting to switch out the wire shelf we currently have above our washer/dryer for a set of cabinets (stock, cheap cabinets).  That way our gorgeous detergents, shout sticks, and dryer sheets can be hidden rather than spotlighted.  I've been pinning ideas away on Pinterest, so hopefully we can get something done in there.

10. Kitchen backsplash??? OR French Doors???  Andy and I still have some discussing to do regarding which of these projects we will choose to budget for in the new year.  I am really wanting to change out our sliding doors on the back of the house for french doors for a number of reasons (loss of heating and cooling through glass, lack of privacy with full glass, etc.), but we are unsure if we are jumping the gun too soon on that project (due to the sliding doors being new and in working condition).  So a backup project we may do instead is the installation of a kitchen backsplash.  I already have my sights set on subway tile, but the big question is whether or not we are brave enough to try it ourselves.  If not, we are looking at potential labor costs for either project.  Long story short:  One of these projects will be taken on this year.  Hopefully.

11. Travel somewhere new.  Ahh.  The first of the personal goals for the Bozeman family.  We've been fortunate to travel somewhere new each year we've been married, and we don't want this one to be any different. 
12. Read more.  I've been lucky to find another lover of reading in Andy.  Honestly, when he gets on a reading kick, he can fly through a book.  However, life happens, and we often don't read as much as we would like.  Many times we are both too tired to read at the end of the day, but we want to do better.  After all, we need to be setting a good example for Duncan.  We keep hoping he'll decide to try his paw at reading.  Only time will tell.
And there you have it.  Although this list likely doesn't include all that will go on at the Bozeman Bungalow this year, we hope that we will at least be able to reach these goals.  We are excited to see what this year will hold!

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