Sunday, December 4, 2011


I finally buckled down and finished the dining room columns.  There might be two more columns in our living room that also need to be painted, but I have had more than enough fun with white paint for now.  They will have to wait until I forget how un-fun this experience really was.  It just takes SO many coats!!!

Get ready for way too many pictures...

From this perspective, you can actually see all four columns...

From the other direction...

Why hello, Duncan...

My favorite part about painting the columns white is that it really provides an awesome contrast with the gray walls.  It helps to define the dining room space much better.

So there you have it!  Many, many coats of white paint later, and our columns are complete.

I also made some progress with bookcase staging and Christmas decorating this weekend, but I'll save that for another post.  With the way my work weeks go, I need all of the blogging material that I can get!


  1. OH MY GOSH! I was googling "white dining room columns" and found your post. We have the same floor plan!!!! I was yelling "that's my house!!" so now my husband can visualize exactly what it will look like! We even have the same granite! Now, I shall scour your whole blog for more ideas :)

    1. That is too funny! Unfortunately, we relocated after only being in the home a year, so we didn't get to nearly as much as I'd hoped. But we loved the floorplan while we had it! Glad the pictures could help-my hubs needed help visualizing it too.:)