Monday, November 21, 2011

Year Two...In Rewind

How I would love to share our new light fixture addition (I'm in love) with you today.  However, I must take a break from the regularly scheduled programming to share that the Bozemaster and I have made it to the two year mark (yes friends, today is our anniversary).  As per my sister's text this morning, "Your marriage has lasted roughly 10 times longer than Kim Kardashian's."  Thank you, thank you very much.  We are officially marriage all-stars. :)

I thought I'd take a moment to remind myself of all the craziness that was our second year.  We've laughed a bit because year two in many ways was MUCH more trying than the first year.  Of course, much of the difficulty we put on ourselves (selling/buying houses, for example), but it was a long year to say the least.

Let's start close to the beginning...

We decided during the Christmas holidays to sell our first home...

Which led us to try our hand at the dead of winter.

Remember this crazy project???

Duncan and I had our doubts...

But we managed to get the job done.

All sorts of craziness followed...

Much better!

Frantically updating bathrooms...

As fast as we could to get the house on the then wait 6 months or so until we sold.

This year we said "goodbye" to one of the greatest men we will likely ever know.  Cannot wait to see this man again one day.  Love you, Granddad!   
My little bro graduated from high school...and started at Lipscomb University this fall.  A big step for the baby of the family.  We love having this kid closer!

Right around this same time, we received an offer on our first home that we couldn't refuse.  And we began the long process of packing up all of our belongings.  Including this little guy.

Not fun!

We snapped a few pictures of our first home before we left.  So sad to see it empty.

Yet so very exciting because we were headed to our second home that we both had fallen in love with.

Aaahhh.  Home sweet home.

We traveled to Florida with the fam and celebrated the closing of a sale on one home and the almost-closing of the next.

The day after our return from the beach, we wrote a fat check and scored keys to our new place!  Oh my goodness, the rush of emotions you feel at closing.  Excitement and I might be sick at my stomach, all at the same time.

True to Bozeman-style, we immediately got to work on making our new house a home.  Andy has become an EXPERT blinds man

We made some ridiculous furniture purchases that required creative car riding.

We fancied up our dining room...

And attempted to clean out the clutter that resulted from our recent move.

We took a much-needed break last month and cruised our way to the Bahamas

Though the weather was iffy, we had a blast!

As you can see, it has been a wild ride this year, and this list doesn't even cover it.  What will our third year hold?

Well, we aren't really sure.  But we will say there are NO plans to move any time soon.  Duncan said he's through with relocating, and what he says goes. 

How will we celebrate this joyous occasion?  A dinner at The Melting Pot ought to do the trick.  A special thanks to a certain "other half" for being my partner in crime, and loving me whether I'm all that lovable or not.  I could not think of a better father figure for Dunk--he's even starting to look like you now (kidding!).  You put up with my constant redecorranging, and you wash the dishes when I cook.  What can I say?  We were meant to be.  Two peas in a pod.  You are the Roll to my Tide (really kidding!).  I love you, Handy Andy.  Don't let me ever tell you any different. :)

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