Thursday, November 17, 2011

White Out...

Yes, I do appreciate a good bottle of correction fluid, but that's not what this little post is about.

Question.  What do you find in all three of the above pictures?  Answer:  Columns.  Yep, columns that are painted out the same builder beige as the walls.  I honestly didn't think much about this fact when we first moved in.  I was honestly just tickled pink that we had columns at all.  Then my mom and a friend got to talking and suggested that I try painting the columns completely white. 

At first I was all like, "Boo.  Not necessary.  I think they're fine."  And then the thought of the columns going white began to grow on me like mold on bread.  I started thinking, "Wait.  The columns might really pop if they went white.  They might actually look more like columns than they even do now."

And then I had to buy white paint for the built-in.  Uh oh.  I have an idea, and I have the supplies.  Bad combo.  I also have about forty-five minutes before the hubs gets home from his basketball game.  Icing on the cake. 

It's time for a WHITE OUT!!!

Here are a couple of pictures of square columns gone white in case you can't really picture how things will turn out (like me):

Updates to come!

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