Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Pirates and Windows...

Catchy title, huh?  Not really.  However, sadly it does accurately reflect what is to come in this post.  I am here to document our Halloween festivities and the last of our window coverings.  Feel free to click on over to another more interesting blog NOW.

If you are hanging with me...on to the pirates.

Our Young Couples group at church decided to go all out for Trunk or Treat this year.  Someone mentioned the idea of dressing up as pirates and the rest is history.  Really soak in Andy's eye patch...it's the only way you'd be able to tell he was a pirate.

One couple brought up a speedboat and we decorated it to make it look more "piratey."  For those interested, I made the treasure map, the fish, and the anchor.  Remember?  I'm all about anchors.

Ah, the pirate couple.  Someone donated the bandana to Andy's cause after we arrived that night.  It seemed he grew more pirate-like as the night wore on (mostly due to donations).

We gave candy out by treasure chest...
And made time for group pictures.

Another shot of the treasure map.  Thank you Google images.  You saved me on this one.

And the boys.  Can't find Andy?  Look for the guy with the Gap shirt, jeans, Sperry's...and a random eye patch. :)


Have I shown you the last two sets of windows we covered with blinds/shades?  If so, please ignore the rest of this post.  I couldn't remember if this had been shared.

We finished out the game room windows with 2-inch mahogany blinds.  LOVE!  This room stays so much cooler now.  These blinds match what we put up in the bonus room.

We also added these bamboo shades to the guest bedroom.  It was about time to have shades up in the only staged guest bedroom!  These match what we put up in the other guest bedroom.  I  love the lighter coloring with the black furniture in this room. 

Well, if that's not a random pairing for a post, then I don't know what is.  Thanks for bearing with me!

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