Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Everybody's Doing It...

So, I am officially one of the last people in blogland to post anything about our Christmas decor around here.  Other bloggers must be way more on top of things than I am.  Oops.  If it helps my case, we've also been painting columns and finishing up the built-in (finally) around here, so Christmas decorating happened slightly sporadically over a couple of days.  It still isn't complete, so don't completely judge me yet. :)

On to the good stuff...

Lighted garland and stockings=LOVE.  Duncan's stocking not hanging straight=ANNOYING.

It's hard to see in the picture, but I finally invested in a few stocking hangers so that we didn't have to damage our new mantle (like I did in the last house with hooks--sorry new owners!).

Little reindeer in an antiqued bronze finish=YES.

I added a little something-something to the server in the dining room.

Just some garland, gold stick-thingies, and some candles.  Ought to do the trick.

I added my favorite little snowman by the front door.  I got him at Target a few years ago,and I just love him.  His buttons are acorns, and he has a knit cap.  So cute!

My crafty little granddad strikes again.  He copied a Pottery Barn design on this wooden candle stand for me last Christmas.  I LOVE IT!!!  I just added any old candles I could find around the house (yes, it would look even better with all creamy white candles) and some miniature ornaments I bought last year.

I added some beading and ornaments to my lanterns to show them some Christmas love.

And we got our Christmas tree up, as well!  It looks so much smaller in our living room here because of the higher ceilings, but I love being able to see it all of the time.

Andy and I also invested in some small Christmas trees for our front porch.  We have one in each urn on either side of the front door.  I love my red urns with them!  Once I get my lighted wreath, I'll take an outdoor picture.

And here's the view from the kitchen of our new festive look around here.  Yes, if you peek to the left, you can see that we have added the second shelf on the bookcase!  We have one more hole to drill (so that I can have a lamp up top and run the cord down to the plug), and then I will be sure to show the finished look with all of the pretties in place.

So, as said before, we have a few more things to add before it's totally Christmas party-ready (did I mention we are hosting my mom's fam for a Christmas gathering?), but I'll be sure to keep you updated!

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