Sunday, November 13, 2011

Built-In Bookcase...95% Complete!!!

After more coats of paint than I care to talk about, the built-in bookcase is nearly complete!  Let's just say that white paint is quite troubling when it wants to be.  You just have to keep painting until the "shadowing" is gone, which in our case was about 6 coats after the initial priming coat.  Although it has been a long time coming, the finished product is well worth it. 

The built-in minus shelves...

For those wondering, the cutout in the back is to allow us easy access to our cable and power outlet.  We framed it out with trim pieces to make it look a bit neater, but sadly, they must be shown.

Just a close-up to show you (a) how messy my paint job was, and (b) to show you how we trimmed out the edge of the bookcase with a piece of moulding to mirror the crown molding in the room.  Why didn't I try to paint inside the lines?  Because I am painting this wall, of course!  Yes, my friends, an accent wall is in our future.

Lots of good storage in here!  I'm thinking I can offload some of our DVDs in here (our media armoire is getting full), and it would probably be a great place for games and puzzles.  I'm sure some day we will hide children's toys and books in here.

Here is the bookcase with the first shelf in place.  Our cable box, modem, wireless router, DVD player, etc. will be housed under the shelf.  Until we cut a hole in the back portion of the shelf to feed the wires upward to the power and cable outlets, they are shoved behind the TV.  We have a second shelf that will be hung above the TV to create a nook for some of my pretties.  However, we are holding out a bit on that one until we are sure of what size TV we will be purchasing to upgrade from the current one.  We certainly don't want to hang the shelf too high or low and make it appear to be an afterthought.

Yep, that's the Harry Potter marathon on in the background.  I can't help but watch it every time it comes on.  Sad, I know.  One more before and after shot for you...


and AFTER.

More updates to come as I continue my never-ending paint job!

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