Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A step in the right direction...

Sadly, this post has nothing to do with a newly upholstered bed.  Let's just say I used up all of my crafting energy on Saturday, and lost my steam before I wanted to revisit the IKEA bed.  It will get done eventually, right?

However, I took a big plunge yesterday and hung my first painting on a wall!!!  I've been collecting oil paintings for several years now, and I love having them up on walls to admire.  Most of them hail from the flea market, and I chose each one myself.  There is nothing like coming upon a piece of art that you just know you have to have.  Whether it is the colors used, the subject, or what it makes you think of, art has to really call to you (I think).

Any-who, in our last house, I had my paintings ALL over the place.  So many of our walls were in not-so-perfect condition and I loved hiding imperfections with something pretty.  However, in the new house, I am scared silly of putting nail holes in our new walls unnecessarily, so I have neglected to hang ANY of my paintings on the walls (for fear that I will hang one in the wrong place). 

Well, I got downright crazy yesterday, and made a decision on one of them.

We have a painting over our potty!!!  I know, not the most exciting spot in the house.

But, I made a decision and put a nail in the wall, so we are making progress!  I think I was just SO ready for a bit of color in our little potty nook, and I have always loved the colors in this painting, so it was a fairly easy decision.  I think this placement was successful enough that I might actually hang another one!  Somebody stop me.

A close up of this one.  It made me think of Venice when I first spotted it, which is a place I would love to visit at some point.  I figured having a painting of Venice was more reasonable than actually traveling there anytime soon, so there you have my reason for purchasing this bad boy. 

I also have this wild plan to maybe try stenciling the walls in here.  Wouldn't this painting be totally crazy on a stenciled wall?  Crazy in a good way?  We'll see.  Ideas, ideas.

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