Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Has it only been that long???

I get really bogged down at times with how many things are not complete in our home.  I feel paralyzed with indecision quite often, and there are always several ideas floating around in my head that are not acted upon (thanks a lot, Pinterest).  I feel like our home is very unfinished (still) with semi-empty rooms, boxes piled in the garage, and bins that have STILL gone unpacked.  There are so many things Andy and I plan to do around here, yet so often our jobs and overall "busyness" keep us from doing any of them. 

I reflect on all of the unfinished things so much that I start feeling as if we'll never get things together around here.  And then I stop.  I think back.  And I realize it has only been 3 months.  We only closed on our happy home a few months ago.  Why do I worry so much about things being incomplete?  Who says a home ever has to look "finished" anyway?

Instead of thinking of all that has not been done...what have we been able to accomplish thus far?

For starters, our dining room went from this...

to this.
Our entryway went from this...

to this (thanks to a bit of black paint).

Our half bath went from this...

to this.

One of our guest rooms went from this...

to this (and now has a set of bamboo shades on the windows and an IKEA dresser along the wall since this picture was taken).

Our living room went from this...

to this.
Our master bedroom went from this...
to this.

And the truth is, this doesn't even cover it all.  We've changed out a light fixture, staged a couple more rooms, hung some artwork, and have blinds/shades on ALL of our windows (which reminds me that I need to show you the last 2 rooms with window coverings).  Not to mention, soon we will have the newly-installed built-in bookcase in the living room painted out (along with an accent wall).

We may still have a LONG way to go, but at least we have made a bit of progress.  Things may be moving slower than they did in the last house, but at least they are moving, right?

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