Saturday, October 8, 2011

Garage Sale...CHECK!

As many of you saw in this post, we were in major need of a clean out around here.  After unloading our last storage unit, our garage became quite the disaster area.  So, this morning the Bozemaster and I got up way too early to host our very first Bozeman Family Garage Sale.  It was immense fun for all involved (yeah right), but we ended up making a decent profit.  Andy was a real trooper and stood his ground with prices on things.  One particular customer was especially difficult, but my main man gave it to him straight.  In the end, the items were sold for what Andy wanted--one tough cookie, I tell you.

So, I won't go into all of the ins and outs of what was sold and what wasn't, but when all was said and done, I only drove one car load to Goodwill.  Everything else was gone.  It felt so good to see it all go.  Here is the garage right after the sale...

Although it definitely still needs to be arranged and boxes need to be broken down, it is a HUGE improvement.  We will be able to get my car in the garage now!  Hopefully very soon BOTH cars will fit.  Although a lot of work, the garage sale accomplished what we needed it to--less stuff and more cash in the wallet. :)


In other news, I have almost successfully conquered my fear of nailing into our walls.  Here are a few updates...

I added an oil to the half bathroom.

This is one of my favorite paintings.  I purchased it while on a mission trip in Greece.  I got it in a small shop in a market square and then somehow managed to travel back to the States with it in one piece.  Every time I look at it I think of my AMAZING trip overseas!

My mom and I also hung this painting over the desk in the kitchen area.  The painting is of a bowl of apples, so I felt pretty certain that it needed to go in the kitchen or dining room (it is a painting of food, you know).  We were both really surprised at how well it worked over the desk.  We both thought it would completely dwarf the area, but I think it is just right.

I also hung this little guy next to the back door for a little pop of color.  Perfect fit!


The last bit of news I have to share...our built-in bookcase is set to be delivered today!!!  My granddad already has it finished (wow!), and is bringing it by this afternoon.  I cannot wait to see how it works in the space.  I'll be sure to show it off once we have it in place!  The area has already been prepped for it (aka--my dad came by one afternoon this week and pried off our baseboards in the area--very painful to watch), so I am hoping installation is a smooth process.  Details to come!

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