Monday, October 24, 2011

Built-In Bookcase...PROGRESS!

My parents came up yesterday and we worked MOST of the day installing the built-in bookcase my granddad built for our living room.  It took some clever maneuvering and creativity to make it fit, but we made it work. 

Looks a bit like cord vomit right now, but we will get that adjusted after I paint.  No point in adjusting and tucking all of the wires when it will all have to be unplugged anyway.  The bookcase is going white, for those that might be concerned.

But, just for kicks, let's step back in time and look at this same space when we started yesterday...

My dad and Andy managed to put all of our baseboards and quarter round back on, which had been taken off in order to put the bookcase in.  It was stressing me out something awful.  There is something about prying brand new baseboards off of brand new walls and having to look at the naked walls for a while that makes you kind of crazy.  It felt good to see that come back together.  You would have never known we took them off.

See?  Back to normal.  Insert large sigh of relief HERE.

So, back to the good stuff...

The newly installed built-in with the cabinet doors still attached.

And without.  We removed the doors to drill the holes for the pulls (and for future painting purposes).

Here are the doors with the pulls that I chose from Lowes.  I purchased a set of pulls and a set of knobs to see which look I liked best.  As you can see, the pulls won.  Overall, the pulls looked beefier, and I felt like the simple design would be better for the long haul. 

The finish is somewhere between bronze and pewter=LOVE.

So, now my job is to bust out the ole' foam roller and paint brush.  I've found the exact white trim paint color that has been used in the house, and that's what I plan to use on the bookcase.  I also have  plans to paint out the fireplace/bookcase wall with a deeper color so that it really pops.  Updates to come!!!

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