Monday, September 19, 2011

A steal of a deal...

I believe sometimes you are just in the right place at the right time.  And let's just say on Saturday my mom and I had happened into the just-right thrift store at the just-right time.

You may not remember, but I referenced my desire to create an upholstered headboard here a while back.  I was planning to make a headboard for our second, soon-to-be-staged guest bedroom.  Fast-forward to this past weekend when my mom convinces me we should stop in a thrift store or two on our day out (since it never hurts to try to find cheap junk once in a while).  And one such thrift store had this little guy leaning against its wall...

Yep, this exact item (minus the sold sign) had me very interested.  You see, even from a distance, I could tell that this ugly mug could be recovered MUCH easier than whatever headboard I was going to dream up and beg my dad to cut for me out of on and so forth.

I got a bit closer and spotted this IKEA tag.  We all know my love for that place.

Then I spotted perhaps the best part of all...the price.  For just 40 bucks, I could have a ready-to-cover headboard and sideboards (way prettier than the metal frame I was going to work with previously).  Better even than this, the store manager stopped me and said if I could pull up Facebook and "like" his thrift store, he'd give me another 15% off.  Easy decision.  So for 37 dollars, I essentially walked away with a bed (we already have a mattress).  You're welcome, Andy.  You are welcome.

Another fun fact, guess how this random IKEA bed ended up at the thrift store?  It was supposedly used in the movie Country Strong.  Yeah, you know the one with Tim McGraw and Gwyneth Paltrow?  At least that's what the guy said before I bought it.  A bed for a good deal and it comes with a story?  Sold.  For those wondering, Duncan and I are the only Bozemans that believe the bed was actually in the movie. :)  You better believe I'm going to Redbox it real soon to check for myself!

What will I cover this naked bed with?  Well, I immediately thought of my good ole' West Elm fabric I snagged a while back, simply because it might be amusing (and is paid for).  But, I have a few other choices in my cheap fabric stash, so we will have to see.  I'm more concerned with how pretty my upholstery job will be at this point.  We've got a first-timer here, folks.  Could get ugly.

So, hopefully this is the last time you will see Morkedal without his clothing.  Stay tuned.

On another fairly random note, I don't think I shared the fourth set of bamboo shades we purchased.  The bedroom where the upholstered bed will make its home was the winner of the new shades.  I really like the color.  A bit honey-ish, but I like them.  Oh, and those weird circles on the wall are just reflections from the camera flash on the mirrors...didn't want you to think I was attempting a really bad stencil on the walls or anything. :)

More updates to come on curtains, furniture arrangements, and more!

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