Friday, September 16, 2011

Looking forward to...

1.  Learning to play "electrician" with Andy as we replace our very first light fixture in the new ourselves.  Yes, prayers would be appreciated.
2.  Finishing the crazy spray-painted curtain rod, finial, ring, and bracket project that I started last night.  Remind me to tell you a not-so-funny story about this.
3.  Getting the new living room curtains up and running.  They are hot off the sewing machine (at my mom's house, of course).
4.  Spending a Saturday with mi madre.  This was a long time coming...
5.  Getting rid of the "eye funk" that sent me home early from work today.  Exactly how many eye drops constitute an overdose???


Odd post?  Yes.  But anything more than this required me getting up and snapping pictures, uploading pictures, and thinking through a decent write-up of the pictures.  And truth be told, I'm one eye drop away from going to bed for the is what I have to offer. :)

Better posts to come with updates...promise!!!

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