Monday, September 26, 2011

Lighting Projects Complete...

Per the title of this post, yes, we managed to get both lighting projects accomplished around here.  I think the new kitchen light fixture might just be changing my life, I'm loving it that much.  We'll start with that project...

Remember we started with this guy...

And now we have this guy instead!

You can see the texture of the shade a bit better with it lit up.

It immediately made this space feel less like an eat-in kitchen spot.  For the record, I have to say a HUGE "thank you" to my dad for getting this puppy up and running.  Andy was in Tuscaloosa, my parents were up for the day, and one thing led to another to get the fixture installed.  I'm so glad to finally be using it--Andy was also grateful to not have to deal with it.  Thanks again, Dad!

After the lighting change, Andy moved my dainty little desk in from the garage to create a "bill pay center" for us.  Although the desk may be a bit small for the wall, I LOVE getting the bills and junk off of the counter.  Anyone else struggle with counter clutter?  We are the worst about piling papers.

For those that may recognize the chair, yes, it is originally from our dining room collection.  I like it so much better than the chair that came with the desk--much sturdier.  I may eventually recover the cushion to make it appear more custom, but we'll see.  The desk is also on the list to be repainted--it didn't fare so well in the move.  I eventually need to invest in an electric hand-sander to get all of the existing finish off, and then I'm thinking the desk may go a rich red.  But, things are always subject to change around here.

So here is the newly defined kitchen space in all its glory.  Who knew a light change-out could help so much in changing this space's function?  Yes, I realize the rug is all wrong.  I am slowly but surely adding to our rug collection, but in the meantime, we need a feet-wiping spot by the back door.  This one shall stay for now!

On to the next project...

I aimed to make this lamp fit with my current color scheme in my office.  My choices were green and orange, as determined by the bird fabric.

First, I stripped the lamp down.

Then I taped the heck out of the lamp's cord, base, top, etc.

I started by lightly sanding the lamp, followed by a solid coat of primer.

Then I decided the lamp should "go green."  Isn't that the craze today?

I thought this picture might give you a better idea of how the lamp fits in with one of the greens in the fabric, but now I realize you can't really see that at all.  Just trust me.

Speaking of green, I visited the good ole' Flea Market this weekend and picked up a platter and serving bowl to add to our Fiestaware collection.  This is one of the newest colors and I LOVE it.  Very chartreuse-y green.  Had to get them--only 9 bucks each!

I also upgraded Duncan's bowls thanks to the Flea Market.  He's been rocking a couple of plastic bowls since I adopted him several years ago--I thought these were just too perfect to pass up.  For 7 buckaroos, Duncan has stainless steel bowls that match his new food bin. 

He loves them, for those who may be wondering.  He says his food tastes better.  He says they make him feel classy.  He says he likes being able to check his hair while grabbing a swig of water.  Oh the things he tells me. :)

That's about it for now.  Thanks for checking in!

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