Saturday, September 24, 2011

Lighting Changes...

For several weeks now, we have had it in the plans to change out our first light fixture in the house.  With it being a new home, we have really tried to make due with the fixtures we have for no other reason other than they are brand new.  However, there was just one light fixture that I told Andy from the VERY beginning had to go...the one in the kitchen.

There are many things that bothered me about this little guy, but to name just a few:  The finish (every other fixture downstairs other than bathrooms are a rubbed bronze),  the size (slightly wimpy), it screamed "BUILDER GRADE!!!", and everyone who visited us ducked under it (including me--I am 5 ft. 3 in., yet I felt the need to duck--so annoying).

Imagine you don't see my paint supply box, the new light fixture in its box, and a random chair.

But its worst offense was that it made this small area feel very void of a table.  However, Andy and I decided long ago that the space was not right for a table.  We are constantly in and out of the sliding doors with Duncan going outside, and it is also a high-traffic area getting to and from the pantry, laundry room, etc.  It would feel way too cramped with a table (and we don't need another table due to our dining room table).  So, this mini-chandelier HAD to go because it was sending the wrong message for the room.

Here is the new fixture still in the box.  Let's just say Andy and I always find something better to do on weekends than learn to be electricians.  I am hoping that maybe we can knock this out tomorrow, since my other half is halfway to Tuscaloosa at the moment (insert a pint-sized "Roll Tide" here for him).

We ordered this light fixture from Lowes for the space.  It's a semi-flush mount, so it shouldn't give off the vibe that a table should be floating beneath it.  I think the size of the drum shade (19 inches) should be about right to not look wimpy in the space.  Hopefully it will do the job! 
For those concerned about the previous fixture, we are listing it on Craigslist very soon.  Hopefully we can make a few bucks off of it!

On to other lighting changes...

I love the size, shape, and color of this lamp.  However, I have NO turquoise in my house whatsoever.  So, this lamp landed in my oh-so-random office.  However, now that we have added the roman shade (see below), the color is no longer working in here either.

So, what's a girl to do?  Bust out the spray paint, of course!  When looking at the bird fabric, I am beginning to think I may go with a fun lime color for the base, or I may get plum crazy and pull out the orange color.  Andy would HATE it, but it's my office and he gets his Bama room, so we'll see.

I'll be using this tutorial from Isabella and Max Rooms to complete the project.  More spray-painting, but it allows me to better utilize a lamp that I love.

I'll keep you updated on my progress!

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