Tuesday, September 20, 2011


It all started with the addition of the new curtains...and ended with a complete rearrangment of the living room.  The trouble we get in to when my mom visits...

The new curtains!  Pretty wild, huh?  But I love them.  If you stare at them too long, you might get dizzy, so watch yourself in the next few pictures.

Basically, with the addition of the curtains, the West Elm rug started feeling too busy, so we moved that to the dining room (love it there too).  I already have an idea in mind for a replacement rug for the room.

Then my mom suggested we just keep moving things around...like the couch placement, coffee table, etc.

So that the couch now almost mirrors the angle you get from the bar.  There's Andy waving as he washes the dishes.  Yes, friends, I cook/he washes.  Great deal if you ask me.

I also purchased this Target chair this weekend to add to the living room mix.  We needed something random, and Andy and I were both really wanting to bring a deep leather in.  And it was on sale.  Thanks to my brother (who has never read this blog, and likely won't ever) for helping me bring it on home in his truck.  Although I love him for more reasons than his pick-up, it sure is nice to have around. :)

Another picture of the new layout...

And another...

And another.

Close-up of the curtains...

Andy and I spray-painted the rods, finials, and rings yellow, but it looks a bit like baby spit-up on the beige walls, so I am eventually going to repaint all of the hardware red.  EVENTUALLY.

Here's a quick shot of the West Elm rug in its new home.  It helps to tie in the curtains a bit better in here, though honestly, this may not be its forever home.

I moved one of the Target slipper chairs in our bedroom since the color worked better in here anyway.  This was in the living room previously.

And the rattan ottoman that was in its place was moved to the other side of the room to help "anchor" the IKEA mirror.

More to come!

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