Saturday, September 10, 2011

Around here...

Our bamboo shades FINALLY came in for the living room (and a guest bedroom) yesterday, so Andy has been hard at work this morning (prior to Alabama playing this afternoon, of course) getting them up and running.  No more getting "blinded by the light" while watching television in the afternoon hours. 

Duncan made it into both shots.  He's a fool for the camera.  Here is (obviously) the look with the shades all the way down.

And the shades partially up for a bit of sun.

My camera completely washed the coloring out, but I really like how they turned out.  I ordered these online (I needed a custom size), and I was extremely nervous about the color of the wood.  I had only been buying from Lowes and Home Depot, so I was able to actually see what I was purchasing before swiping the card.  I ordered these from Select Blinds (they supply shades for Extreme Makeover Home Edition--fun fact), and I am really pleased with how they look!  After ordering these three, I got a fourth set for free.  That one will soon be added to one of our guest bedrooms (once Andy gets himself in gear again).

I'll leave you with one large hint as to what I have been up to today.  I finally got up the guts to paint the interior panel of our front door black today.  I am LOVING the results so far, and will make sure to post pics when I finish!  And for those who have considered doing this same thing, it is SO much easier than I thought it would be!


  1. What type paint did you end up using? Just curious - I know it is going to look awesome!

  2. It was Porter's Advantage paint for indoor/outdoor use in a semi-gloss finish. Went on really well! Should be really durable too.