Thursday, August 4, 2011

Tired of bamboo yet???

Yes, this is another bamboo shade post.  When you purchase a new home with NO window coverings, it feels like a big deal each and every time you cover a window.  I ordered shades for the dining room and living room, but only the dining room shades will work (due to size).  It's back to Home Depot for the others.  I went with a deeper color for these rooms because of the darker wood floors.  I really love them in the dining room!

I believe an evening picture would have served us better in showing the real "look" of the blinds, but this will do.

I need a photography class...clearly.  Sorry for the dark picture--I tried!

Some of you may be wondering why we keep running with the bamboo shades in the house.  I was really smitten with the few sets of bamboo shades we used in our last house (that we had to leave behind), and I wanted to try them in more rooms in this one.  I love the warm wood tones the shades bring to a room, and they seem to be really working with the beige-colored window trim we have in our house (white blinds seemed too stark).  So I guess you could say I wanted the look of bamboo more than anything.  Andy is also coming around because he says the bamboo shades are easier to install.  I figure he would know!

***In case anyone cares to know, all of the bamboo shades we have used (minus the half bath--that was a Levelor from Lowes--they allow you to customize your window width) have hailed from Home Depot.  Their DesignView line is very reasonable and has several shade variations to choose from.  We went with the "Providence" maple-colored shade in the master BR, bath, and closet, and went with the "Nepal" mahogany-colored shade in the dining room.

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