Thursday, August 25, 2011

New Additions...

My mom is a bit like Santa...only she comes while you are at work and leaves pillows and curtains (whereas Santa might leave toys and lumps of coal).  Let's just say after a long day at work and a not-so-fun post-work headache later, it was nice to come home to find a couple of new pretties in the house.

She made this pillow to add to the master bedroom bed.  I really wanted a white pillow in here to tone down the bedding (and to tie in the curtains).  And I wanted a white fabric with some texture.  My mom found this particular fabric on a clearance rack at a local fabric shop and got it.  It worked perfectly!

I liked that the fabric had a little more weight and dimension to it.  It keeps the pillow from looking cheap/store-bought.  I think Andy is going to love that we only have 3 decorative pillows to worry about arranging on the bed.  Guys don't get the whole decorative pillow thing, do they?

She also made me a roman shade for my crafty room.  I had spotted this fabric at Old Time Pottery a while back and LOVED it.  It's so fun and bright--exactly what I wanted in my own space.  I'm loving the earthy gray-greens and gray-blues in the leaves in the print...may be the inspiration for a paint color in here!

What did Andy have to say about this particular curtain?  "Wow.  Looks great!  I guess this means I don't have to put up any blinds in here, do I?"  HAHA.  He may suggest roman shades more often now that he's learned they take the place of any other blind/shade you might need for the window!  Typical guy...

I apparently have a bunch of the bird fabric left over, so I'm thinking a large, framed bulletin board could be backed in it for the opposite wall?  Only time will tell...

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