Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Lone Stool...

So, for some time now Andy and I have had a bar stool in the house.  Yes, I said "a" bar stool.  As in ONE.  We need three, friends.  The truth is, I fell really hard for this banana leaf stool from Target. 

So much so that I purchased the last one they were selling.  After it came in, and even Andy REALLY liked it, we both really started to worry that our dreams of tres stools would never become a reality.  We BOTH (yes, even Andy) proceeded to check Target daily for the stools to come back into stock.  Well, I gave myself an unofficial deadline of this weekend to make a decision one way or another on the stool.  I was really afraid we would get stuck with uno stool and not be able to return it.

So, we hopped in the car last night and headed to World Market (about 30 minutes away) to hopefully find something we would like ALMOST as well.  We decided to go ahead and purchase 3 of the following stool (because we didn't want to get into the whole "out of stock" craziness again, and I felt pretty certain this stool would work).

Obviously, this Kaya stool gave off the same casual, organic vibe, but it felt very washed out in our kitchen.  With our darker floors and blackish island, it felt a bit "blah." 

The stools' backsides also felt a bit more formal with the longer back.  It wasn't that these were totally awful by any means, but I was really struggling with the knowledge that the other stool was pretty perfect.
I really tried to give them a fair shot.  I even put the Target stool in a corner.  But it's just so darn cute...

So, I proceeded to say NOTHING about this to the hubs.  He needed to think that our World Market jaunt was completely successful and everything was fine.  Because after all, I just KNEW the Target stools were still out of stock (although this was the first day in a few weeks that I had failed to check the availability).  Just to give you an idea of why I didn't want to just blurt out the fact that I was having second thoughts on the stools...

Yep, that's me basically sitting in between the legs of the World Market stool on the way home...all 30 minutes of it.  Ridiculous.  If someone wants to trade us their SUV for a used Honda Accord, please let us know (no, I'm not giving up my Altima--you'd have to pry the keys out of my lifeless hands).  How many times will we try to fit way-too-big items in our 4 door sedan?

And the other stool explains why I am sitting in the back seat.  Where is the third stool?  Still at the store, my friends.  Yep, this was a double-tripper.  So annoying.

All of this to say, I didn't exactly want to jump the gun and say that the new stools weren't totally fitting my fancy.  So, I quietly got on my computer and did one last search for the Target stool.  And to my complete surprise (after checking the site without luck for weeks), the stools were back in stock!  Of course, this is completely our luck to drive all the way home with 2 other stools only to discover we CAN get the ones we really want.  But I think it will totally be worth all of the trouble when we have those 3 beauties sitting at our bar. 

And this is the story of how the Lone Stool became one of three.

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