Sunday, August 21, 2011

I Heart IKEA...Part Two

Last weekend the hubs and I got out of town for a bit and traveled to Atlanta.  Our main objectives were to see the Braves play and to hit up IKEA.  Check and double check.  Throw a little "hit and run" (as in, someone hit our car and fled the scene=AWESOME) action in there, and the weekend was altogether invigorating.  On to the good stuff...

We visited IKEA with a mission.  I was ready with my list after checking their online inventory.  A few large boxes later, and here is what our wee-little sedan looked like (minus the packed trunk)...

Yep, this is how we roll...IKEA-style.  Fun Fact:  I had to ride directly behind Andy in the car.  He called me "Miss Daisy" most of the weekend.  I am positive we looked ridiculous driving back home like this.

A very happy Andy.  He knew I would have cried like a small child if all of our purchases hadn't fit in the car.  And then I might have begged for days for a larger vehicle that we don't need to buy right now.  Let's just say it was a good thing that all purchases fit in the car.

Now for what we are all really here for...THE LOOT!!!

This pretty lady is the Hemnes 3-drawer chest.  It was really funny because Andy first noticed this piece in the store, and then we both collectively thought of our one staged guest bedroom with the Pottery Barn-inspired bed that needed a storage-ish friend.  And this piece was on sale.  Done and done.  In the cart she went.

When we got her home and Andy started the LONG process of putting her together (not the easiest project in the world), I could not believe how cute the lined drawers were.  Yellow and white stripes--could it be any more perfect?

A picture of Handy Andy with the almost-finished chest.

A final shot of little Hemnes.  Notice the leaning mirror.  Still too scared to put too many holes in our new walls.

The next purchase on the list was this Ribba frame.  I knew exactly the size I needed and snatched it as soon as I saw it.

So now I have a frame for this poster I have been holding onto for a while now.  Ask Andy.  Each day MUST start with blogs and coffee.  Sad, I know.

I was also thinking of our adorable pup while we were away.  His bag of dog food drives us crazy because it never keeps the food very fresh, and there is the constant rolling and unrolling of the bag.  Enter adorable yellow trash can.

And suddenly Duncan can be fed in style.  For those that care to know, Duncan has not mentioned his new food container.  He seems to think as long as the food makes it to the bowl, he cares not what it is stored in.

I also snagged these super cheap magazine holders for my decorating magazines I'll be keeping in my "crafty room."

I love cute organization!

I picked up these bins for extra storage...

 Because I knew they would fit perfectly in the most exciting purchase of the day.  Drumroll please...

The Expedit bookcase!!!  I have had my eye on this guy for a while.  It was time to finally bring him on home where he belongs.  I went into the store thinking I wanted the white version of this bookcase, but Andy talked me into the black one.  He does bring up good points regarding decor at times.  I won't go into the white/black bookcase debate for now, but I am very pleased with the choice we made. 

Andy's work in progress...


No, the staging of this bookcase is not complete!
As you can see, the bookcase is actually in the hallway leading to the bonus room right now.  It was intended for my crafty room, but when we both fell in love with it once home, we wanted it to be seen a bit more often.  Andy mentioned that in the craft room it wouldn't be noticed as often on the wall that we needed it to go on.  He made a good point, so for now we are really liking it here.  It is a wide hallway, so it doesn't feel too obtrusive (in case anyone wondered).  If Andy keeps this up, he may need his own blog pretty soon!

All in all, the weekend getaway was totally worth it, and I am still very appreciative to IKEA for having cheap, cute stuff.  I just need them to set up shop in a location closer to home.  Can I get an "AMEN" fellow Tennesseans?

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