Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Another round mirror...

I have a problem.  I am in love with round mirrors.  Is there a support group out there that I need to know about? 

However, Andy does appear to be part of the problem.  Remember last year when he got me this particular mirror in the round for my birthday?  Well, he's done it again.  He asked me what I wanted.  And yet again, I wanted a round mirror.  So, that's how I came to acquire "another round mirror."

For those interested, this is the "Devon Mirror" from ZGallerie.

Yes, a million other people have this same mirror.

But in my defense, I have loved this mirror from afar for many moons.

I can't wait to get the walls painted the deeper browny-gray in here.  It will make the mirror pop so much more!

And for the very few who might be wondering...I went with "Griffin" for the paint color in here.  Or, "Griffindor" (yes, I realize it is spelled differently in the books) as I like to call it. :) 

***If this reference means nothing to you, I apologize.  I'm almost as nerdy as I seem. ***

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  1. I LOVE the mirror! Everything looks great, but I expected nothing less!