Monday, August 29, 2011

I've really done it now...

It's Andy's fault, really.  He left me at home for the evening to play basketball...and there was this gallon of paint...and my paint supply box...and you know the rest.

The dining room started the evening looking a little something like this...

and this...

And ended the evening looking like this...

and this...

and this.

No, the room is not nearly finished.  I need a lot of help in removing the new mirror, server, and taking down the curtains.  That's where Hubbo comes in.  Enjoy your night out, dear.  Tomorrow night is a Sherwin Williams night. :)

***Please take note of the bag of popcorn on the table.  This was my dinner tonight.  When I don't have anyone to cook for, I like to eat real fancy-like.***

***The paint was still wet when I took the pictures.  No, I didn't go off the deep end and paint the dining room in semi-gloss finish or anything!***

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Urns and Ferns...

I thought I'd share a wee-little front porch update.  I wanted to spruce up the front of the house with some new urns, but I really wanted to get a pop of color from them as well.  After searching for a good while for a pair of ceramic urns that were just the right size/color, I found a set of plastic, colored urns at Lowe's that fit the bill quite nicely.  Andy's mom had gotten us one fern a couple of weeks ago, and Andy and I tracked down another this weekend to fill the empty urns.  And the front porch today...

They ended up being just the right size for either side of the front door.  Andy was very concerned that they not be too obtrusive (thus creating a jungle-like theme as you come in the front door--a little creepy for visitors), but he also agreed that these were just right.

This picture more accurately displays the red coloring in the urns.  It's a pretty true "Chinese red," as I like to call it.  Just right for a little splash of color!


On a completely different note, as of tonight, Andy and I have emptied our last storage unit!!!  All of our belongings are finally under one roof.  This has not been the case since last December (we started a storage unit back then to offload closets/the garage for selling the house)!  Don't even ask me how the garage looks right now...

Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Lone Stool...

So, for some time now Andy and I have had a bar stool in the house.  Yes, I said "a" bar stool.  As in ONE.  We need three, friends.  The truth is, I fell really hard for this banana leaf stool from Target. 

So much so that I purchased the last one they were selling.  After it came in, and even Andy REALLY liked it, we both really started to worry that our dreams of tres stools would never become a reality.  We BOTH (yes, even Andy) proceeded to check Target daily for the stools to come back into stock.  Well, I gave myself an unofficial deadline of this weekend to make a decision one way or another on the stool.  I was really afraid we would get stuck with uno stool and not be able to return it.

So, we hopped in the car last night and headed to World Market (about 30 minutes away) to hopefully find something we would like ALMOST as well.  We decided to go ahead and purchase 3 of the following stool (because we didn't want to get into the whole "out of stock" craziness again, and I felt pretty certain this stool would work).

Obviously, this Kaya stool gave off the same casual, organic vibe, but it felt very washed out in our kitchen.  With our darker floors and blackish island, it felt a bit "blah." 

The stools' backsides also felt a bit more formal with the longer back.  It wasn't that these were totally awful by any means, but I was really struggling with the knowledge that the other stool was pretty perfect.
I really tried to give them a fair shot.  I even put the Target stool in a corner.  But it's just so darn cute...

So, I proceeded to say NOTHING about this to the hubs.  He needed to think that our World Market jaunt was completely successful and everything was fine.  Because after all, I just KNEW the Target stools were still out of stock (although this was the first day in a few weeks that I had failed to check the availability).  Just to give you an idea of why I didn't want to just blurt out the fact that I was having second thoughts on the stools...

Yep, that's me basically sitting in between the legs of the World Market stool on the way home...all 30 minutes of it.  Ridiculous.  If someone wants to trade us their SUV for a used Honda Accord, please let us know (no, I'm not giving up my Altima--you'd have to pry the keys out of my lifeless hands).  How many times will we try to fit way-too-big items in our 4 door sedan?

And the other stool explains why I am sitting in the back seat.  Where is the third stool?  Still at the store, my friends.  Yep, this was a double-tripper.  So annoying.

All of this to say, I didn't exactly want to jump the gun and say that the new stools weren't totally fitting my fancy.  So, I quietly got on my computer and did one last search for the Target stool.  And to my complete surprise (after checking the site without luck for weeks), the stools were back in stock!  Of course, this is completely our luck to drive all the way home with 2 other stools only to discover we CAN get the ones we really want.  But I think it will totally be worth all of the trouble when we have those 3 beauties sitting at our bar. 

And this is the story of how the Lone Stool became one of three.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

New Additions...

My mom is a bit like Santa...only she comes while you are at work and leaves pillows and curtains (whereas Santa might leave toys and lumps of coal).  Let's just say after a long day at work and a not-so-fun post-work headache later, it was nice to come home to find a couple of new pretties in the house.

She made this pillow to add to the master bedroom bed.  I really wanted a white pillow in here to tone down the bedding (and to tie in the curtains).  And I wanted a white fabric with some texture.  My mom found this particular fabric on a clearance rack at a local fabric shop and got it.  It worked perfectly!

I liked that the fabric had a little more weight and dimension to it.  It keeps the pillow from looking cheap/store-bought.  I think Andy is going to love that we only have 3 decorative pillows to worry about arranging on the bed.  Guys don't get the whole decorative pillow thing, do they?

She also made me a roman shade for my crafty room.  I had spotted this fabric at Old Time Pottery a while back and LOVED it.  It's so fun and bright--exactly what I wanted in my own space.  I'm loving the earthy gray-greens and gray-blues in the leaves in the print...may be the inspiration for a paint color in here!

What did Andy have to say about this particular curtain?  "Wow.  Looks great!  I guess this means I don't have to put up any blinds in here, do I?"  HAHA.  He may suggest roman shades more often now that he's learned they take the place of any other blind/shade you might need for the window!  Typical guy...

I apparently have a bunch of the bird fabric left over, so I'm thinking a large, framed bulletin board could be backed in it for the opposite wall?  Only time will tell...

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Another round mirror...

I have a problem.  I am in love with round mirrors.  Is there a support group out there that I need to know about? 

However, Andy does appear to be part of the problem.  Remember last year when he got me this particular mirror in the round for my birthday?  Well, he's done it again.  He asked me what I wanted.  And yet again, I wanted a round mirror.  So, that's how I came to acquire "another round mirror."

For those interested, this is the "Devon Mirror" from ZGallerie.

Yes, a million other people have this same mirror.

But in my defense, I have loved this mirror from afar for many moons.

I can't wait to get the walls painted the deeper browny-gray in here.  It will make the mirror pop so much more!

And for the very few who might be wondering...I went with "Griffin" for the paint color in here.  Or, "Griffindor" (yes, I realize it is spelled differently in the books) as I like to call it. :) 

***If this reference means nothing to you, I apologize.  I'm almost as nerdy as I seem. ***

Sunday, August 21, 2011

I Heart IKEA...Part Two

Last weekend the hubs and I got out of town for a bit and traveled to Atlanta.  Our main objectives were to see the Braves play and to hit up IKEA.  Check and double check.  Throw a little "hit and run" (as in, someone hit our car and fled the scene=AWESOME) action in there, and the weekend was altogether invigorating.  On to the good stuff...

We visited IKEA with a mission.  I was ready with my list after checking their online inventory.  A few large boxes later, and here is what our wee-little sedan looked like (minus the packed trunk)...

Yep, this is how we roll...IKEA-style.  Fun Fact:  I had to ride directly behind Andy in the car.  He called me "Miss Daisy" most of the weekend.  I am positive we looked ridiculous driving back home like this.

A very happy Andy.  He knew I would have cried like a small child if all of our purchases hadn't fit in the car.  And then I might have begged for days for a larger vehicle that we don't need to buy right now.  Let's just say it was a good thing that all purchases fit in the car.

Now for what we are all really here for...THE LOOT!!!

This pretty lady is the Hemnes 3-drawer chest.  It was really funny because Andy first noticed this piece in the store, and then we both collectively thought of our one staged guest bedroom with the Pottery Barn-inspired bed that needed a storage-ish friend.  And this piece was on sale.  Done and done.  In the cart she went.

When we got her home and Andy started the LONG process of putting her together (not the easiest project in the world), I could not believe how cute the lined drawers were.  Yellow and white stripes--could it be any more perfect?

A picture of Handy Andy with the almost-finished chest.

A final shot of little Hemnes.  Notice the leaning mirror.  Still too scared to put too many holes in our new walls.

The next purchase on the list was this Ribba frame.  I knew exactly the size I needed and snatched it as soon as I saw it.

So now I have a frame for this poster I have been holding onto for a while now.  Ask Andy.  Each day MUST start with blogs and coffee.  Sad, I know.

I was also thinking of our adorable pup while we were away.  His bag of dog food drives us crazy because it never keeps the food very fresh, and there is the constant rolling and unrolling of the bag.  Enter adorable yellow trash can.

And suddenly Duncan can be fed in style.  For those that care to know, Duncan has not mentioned his new food container.  He seems to think as long as the food makes it to the bowl, he cares not what it is stored in.

I also snagged these super cheap magazine holders for my decorating magazines I'll be keeping in my "crafty room."

I love cute organization!

I picked up these bins for extra storage...

 Because I knew they would fit perfectly in the most exciting purchase of the day.  Drumroll please...

The Expedit bookcase!!!  I have had my eye on this guy for a while.  It was time to finally bring him on home where he belongs.  I went into the store thinking I wanted the white version of this bookcase, but Andy talked me into the black one.  He does bring up good points regarding decor at times.  I won't go into the white/black bookcase debate for now, but I am very pleased with the choice we made. 

Andy's work in progress...


No, the staging of this bookcase is not complete!
As you can see, the bookcase is actually in the hallway leading to the bonus room right now.  It was intended for my crafty room, but when we both fell in love with it once home, we wanted it to be seen a bit more often.  Andy mentioned that in the craft room it wouldn't be noticed as often on the wall that we needed it to go on.  He made a good point, so for now we are really liking it here.  It is a wide hallway, so it doesn't feel too obtrusive (in case anyone wondered).  If Andy keeps this up, he may need his own blog pretty soon!

All in all, the weekend getaway was totally worth it, and I am still very appreciative to IKEA for having cheap, cute stuff.  I just need them to set up shop in a location closer to home.  Can I get an "AMEN" fellow Tennesseans?

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Curtain Call...

So, it seems that I need to introduce myself again.  It's been a while...again.  Blogging more consistently will hopefully come with every day of school that goes by.  I always underestimate the first days of school.  So much to do!

Anywho, I am finally back with pictures of our newest additions...curtains!  Andy and I ran to Lowe's last night to pick up the last of the curtain rings that we needed to finish out the Master BR set, so they are ready to be shown.

Here we are in the master...

We went with a heavy, white, linen-like feeling fabric on the windows.  The West Elm bedding in this room is a bit, "Hey!  Look at me!", so we wanted to keep the curtains neutral. 

My pictures are fairly terrible (the early morning light doesn't mesh so well with my camera), but the pairing of the white curtains with the maple bamboo blinds is really working.

I also asked my mom to make them in a way that would allow them to open and close.  Let's just say our bamboo blinds don't block all of the light, so we needed a little more "blockage." With the curtains on the windows, we both sleep like babies!

We are now in the dining room...

I went with Dwell Studio's mustard/bird fabric in here.  I wanted a really bold color statement from the curtains (mostly because in a dining room there aren't so many fabrics competing with one another), and I am in LOVE with yellow, so it was an easy decision.

You may notice (or not) that the curtains are not pleated this go-round.  My mom and I talked about the "casual" feel that most of my decor and furniture exudes, and we decided a more casual look from the curtains was appropriate.  I also went with a more basic rod with smooth, round finials to keep things simple.

And just in case you are wondering, I already have the paint purchased for this room.  As you can see, the mustard curtains look pretty terrible with our builder beige, so something had to be done.  I am SUPER excited about the bold color I'm going with on the walls.  I'll tell you more about how I came to my decision soon, but until then, can you guess which color I chose?

(Top:  Sherwin Williams "Well-Bred Brown" / Bottom Left: Sherwin Williams "Griffin" / Bottom Right: Sherwin Williams "Backdrop")

P.S.--HUGE shout-out to my mom.  She has been the mastermind behind all of my curtains, pillows, and many of my other decorating decisions.  She is a very talented lady, and runs her own decorating business in my old stomping grounds involving decorating consults, drapery making, home staging, etc.  I am very blessed to continually benefit from her skills, and I thank her LARGELY for all that she has done and continues to do to make our house a home.  Thanks, Mom!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Where in the world have I been?

Starting up the school year, friends.  It gets me every time.  I'm mentally and physically drained, working long hours, and trying to give my best to my 19 little friends in Room 301.  Pardon my blogging break, but I am going to try to do better!

A lot has gone on since we last spoke. 

First off, Andy and I took a last-minute vacay to the one-and-only ATL for an IKEA run.  Great deals were found, and Andy has been very busy putting things together.  That post is to come...

We also bought our first bar stool for the kitchen.  And I am in love.  But we were only able to get one before they went out of stock.  Insert sad face here.  A post on that to come...

I picked up paint for my next painting project.  It's a bold color, for sure.  Go big or go home, right?  A post on paint to come...

My mom installed two sets of GORGEOUS curtains today.  But I need 2 more packages of rings to finish off one set, and I don't want to show them to you unfinished.  A curtain post will be forthcoming...

So, for today, I am thrilled to reveal to you the new and MUCH improved...

Fresh from the upholstery man...

It's just so comfy and soft.  I love it!

To help you appreciate the change, here is the old club chair...

Much better, huh?  It's like a new chair!  Perfect for the future Alabama room that the hubs and I are planning.  Stay tuned!