Saturday, July 9, 2011

Teeni Bikini...

Surprisingly enough, the title has nothing to do with this picture, but it made me giggle. 

Well, Andy, the pooch, and I are off to my parents' tonight to then leave sinfully early in the morning for THE BEACH!!!  As most of you know, our summer has been riddled with packing, moving, storing, shacking up with grandmas, etc.  It's been one jam-packed summer adventure from the beginning.  Therefore, we are very excited to do a bit of relaxing and resting.  We are going to try to not talk "house" for a whole week, and simply enjoy the sun, sand, and seafood for a bit.  You see, the day after we return, we close on our new house.  Thus, the moving and unpacking begins...this is our one week of sanity!

We are headed to St. George Island.  It's a wee-little island with no high-rises and very little to see and do.  In fact, most people walk or ride their bikes to and from the small shops scattered about the island and just enjoy life in the slow lane while there.

My parents have rented a beach house named "Teeni Bikini" (hence the post title), and it is a pet-friendly little place (thus the pooch gets to go).  We are really looking forward to getting away from it all while spending time with the fam.  The boys are already planning their golfing and bike-riding adventures, while the girls are planning to paint a few canvases my mom and I picked up for the trip.  Books will be read, shrimp will be eaten, and sunscreen will be worn.  Good times, good times.

Sand and we come!!!

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