Friday, July 15, 2011

Planning the Living Room Layout...

With a sectional in mind.

Remember this little guy we ordered at World Market?  Well, we were really smitten with the design and its reversible chaise ottoman (it can be used on either end).  However, the more I thought about it, the more confused I became regarding how we were going to layout the room.

The room= this room= living room.  This really isn't a great picture for showing the layout, but things get a little sticky in this room.  For example, I want the furniture to center around the fireplace (the focal point), yet the room is slightly long and narrow.  And I am competing with the bar on the island (and future stools that may reside there).  It just all gets confusing.  I thought I wanted the couch to sit facing the fireplace, because I didn't want it to sit in front of the windows (or so I thought).

Then I spotted this picture.  Insert change of mind here.  I actually think it might make sense to flank the window wall with the couch.  Then I can float a couple of chairs facing the couch (as shown) and not really interfere with the bar stool placement.  What would I do without DecorPad for inspiration photos???

Another random living room discussion we've had around here:  What to do with the awkward little space to the left of the fireplace?

See it?  We think built-in bookshelves are likely the answer.  Built-ins can provide us with more accessory space, storage space, etc.  Not a bad idea.  Here are a couple of pictures I've found that I am really liking...

Nice detail at the top, shelving space for decor, and storage space for ugly things you don't want people to know you have.  This could work, my friends.

Very similar look here.  Loving that television!  I gravitated toward these pictures when searching Google images because you can see that the space sits just next to a fireplace wall.  Just like ours!  Perfecto.

What will the living room eventually look like?  No clue.  But the planning has begun...

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