Friday, July 29, 2011

Pictures of the Staging/Unpacking Process...

This is the post where I attempt to be really open and honest about what the house actually looks like at this point.  Short version:  We are still very much in transition around here.  However, the house is more staged than the last time you saw it, so here it goes...

We'll start the tour in the master bedroom.  New West Elm bedding!  What-what!  Admittedly, the rosette pillow looks awful--way too much yellow.  But until I have something different, this shall be the look!

The GIANT IKEA mirror fit in our bedroom.  Insert excitement HERE.

The GIANT media armoire that my adorable Granddaddy built fits perfectly in the corner of our room (you may recognize it from the living room in our previous home).  Perfect for TV watching in bed.  I also REALLY like how the bamboo shades I chose work perfectly with the colors in our bed and the armoire.  I was buying them "blind" before the furniture arrived, but they are really working.  No, the large painting over the dresser won't stay.  Too red and crazy for what I'm wanting in this room.  I'm thinking of DIYing some artwork for that spot sometime soon.  Stay tuned.

The dining room is...well, a mess.  All of my mirrors are currently on the table right now because I have recurring nightmares that I will lean my mirrors against walls in the house and they will fall and shatter and ruin our hardwoods.  Therefore, cluttered table.

We are really liking the fit of the furniture in the room.  Red parsons chairs, good to have you home.  You know I heart you.

Welcome to the ONE staged guest bedroom in the house!  My mom began staging this room, and I just kept working with what she had started.  Why?  Because I don't have the energy to really think through where/how I want things.  I think this room will work for now.

Welcome to the ONE guest bathroom that is staged!  We used this one while our master bath window was not-so-foggy.

In the bonus room we basically just added our JUMBO furniture so that the TV and media stand had some company.

Aren't you loving the completely random pillows?  It's what we have, friends!

My future crafty room.  Nope, I'm not too proud to show it to you in all its glory.  A certain someone has been out of town this week for work (yep, I choose to keep those details quiet for safety reasons), so I wasn't able to get the filing cabinet moved and filled.  It is on the list for the weekend!  

I just had to show you this.  Can you see it?

Yep, I totally hung the new shower curtain rings I bought WITHOUT a shower curtain.  Classy!  I think my mom is going to make us one from some of the fabric I've bought.  Until then, this is the look.

I did get all of my china unpacked and back into the sideboard...

And my mom found this little nook for my etagere.  Loving the completely random assortment of accessories that made their home here?  Me either.

I actually hung our coats and jackets in the coat closet.  And I junked up our pantry quite nicely!

Some living room furniture was arranged...

And I didn't even clean before I took the picture!  Notice Duncan on the chaise.  This is his FAVE spot.  I think he thinks it was made for him.

Well, there you have it.  The very transitional look of the "bungalow" at this point.  We still have A LOT of work to do, but with every unpacked box and staged room it feels more and more like home!

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