Thursday, July 21, 2011

It's me again...

I have just recently climbed out of the black hole that was our new house.  As of about 20 minutes ago, we finally have internet working!!!  The cable company set it up yesterday, but as usual, things don't always work quite right the first time around.

I don't really know what to say except, "WOW."  Moving in has been a trip so far.  Getting everything set up, trying to unpack, emptying out my grandmother's house and our larger storage unit, cleaning around the boxes, sleeping on air mattresses, setting up couches, putting up shades so we don't scare the neighbors, watering the grass that keeps wanting to die, and...I won't keep going.  Let's just say it's been a crazy ride so far, and I am certain that it is bound to get wilder.

Here are a few random pics of life lately...

First off, we closed!  And we got the keys.  It was SO "House Hunters"...

We immediately picked up the pup, set up some air mattresses, and proceeded to camp out at the new house.

The next day Sammy Samsung made it home.  I had measured correctly--he was a perfect fit.

I find myself checking him out from time to time.  He's just so good looking!

I've been working Andy like a dog lovingly asking Andy to do projects I can't complete on my own when he gets home each night.  Poor guy.  Auditor by day, handyman by night.  Here he is putting up bamboo shades in our bedroom.  Do you guys realize how early the sun comes up in the morning?!?

Duncan slept on the lovely air mattress while Andy worked.

Almost done!  I forgot to take the finished picture.  Can you tell I am scatter-brained?  Just imagine the same shade on the left, okay?

Andy putting together our new couch.  That I'm sitting on as I type.  Thank you, Handy Andy.  I needed a spot to sit!

The coloring really seems to work in the room.


I doubt the couch will stay here.  It's eating into my future bar stool space.  But it works for now!

I've also been working on moving announcements. I especially wanted family members to be aware of our new address when they send us house-warming gifts--JOKING. Promise.
Yes, I covered over our address.  Thought that would be a little weird to put out on the ole' WWW. 

So, yes, this post was as random as life feels right now.  Hopefully we will feel more settled soon.  The POD is set to be delivered tomorrow, so we will have a real bed very soon.  That should help to at least make us feel like real human beings again. :) 

More updates to come!

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