Friday, July 1, 2011

Interior Pics...Round Dos

It's me again.  I get really giddy showing pictures of the new place.  It's like Christmas morning each time I scroll through the images.  We are SO excited to get in there already!  As of yesterday, our loan has been approved (it's gone through underwriting and all of that jazz), and we just need to fax a couple more items to be ready for closing.  Hallelujah!

On to the fun stuff...

Again, the lighting is not so great, but you get the idea.  This is another shot looking back into the dining room from the living room/kitchen area.  You can almost see the front door off to the left.  I love those columns.  Maybe we should have knocked out walls left and right in our old house and just left columns to separate rooms to make it feel more open.  On second thought, let's just stick with this plan.

This would be the living room.  I think I'm standing fairly close to the kitchen island in this one (judging from the granite peeking in to the pic on the left).  The fireplace actually puts off heat (yay), and we are already planning to have some built-ins made for that little cubby to the left of it.  The cable hook-up is in that little nook, but we would ideally like the TV over the fireplace.  Only, we need to buy said TV, so it may be a while.  Bigger fish to fry, my friends.  Our new World Market sofa will go in here (not 100% sure of the set up yet), in case you were wondering.  You probably weren't, but I told you anyway. :)
***If you look closely, you can see the crown moulding going up in the living room and kitchen areas.***

Ahhh.  The kitchen.  My camera flashes everything out and makes lovely things appear yucky, but I am in love with this kitchen.  The maple cabinets, the stainless steel appliances (finally!), and the MASSIVE kitchen island that I dream about at night.  LOVE.  Admittedly, the tropic brown granite and bead boarding around the island sold me as well.  I thought it was very ironic that we left bead board in our prior kitchen, only to find it in the next one.  The kitchen gods must be smiling down on us.  Yes, we do plan on adding a tile backsplash eventually (I'm sure my messy self will inevitably splash yucky stuff on the painted walls enough to warrant it).  But other than that, we will add Sammy the Samsung and a few barstools (already shopping around for those) and call it a day.  We love that the builder has done most of the hard stuff for us.  Thank you, Mr. Drees.  Thank you very much.

Another shot of the island.  Did I mention I am in love?  The blackish cabinets and bead board set it apart from the rest of the kitchen--I so would have chosen it this way!  I also love the undermount sink (we had one in the last house and I really hated giving it up).  I also love that when Andy is washing dishes (just seeing if he's paying attention), he can see the TV (once we have one over the fireplace).  The seamless layout helps with the "I'm stuck in the kitchen" feeling that I felt in the other house.  Our prior kitchen was completely walled off from other rooms, so you were left feeling cut off from the rest of the house.  Not so in this home! 
***In all fairness, Andy almost always washes the dishes in our household.  I am very blessed. :) ***

This is the half bath which sits right off of the kitchen area.  I know it doesn't look like much now, but this is actually where I will begin my list of projects.  Fun painting tutorial by Mom?  Yes, please.  Why am I starting in the half bath?  Well, it is my belief that almost anything can go in a half bath.  I want to be a bit adventurous, and if it turns out terribly, it's just a half bath.  I'd rather wait out being adventurous with paint in a larger, more visible room.  I think my other half would prefer that as well.  Right, Dear?

Random guest bedroom for you.  This is the first one you come to at the top of the stairs.  Come to think of it, I didn't get a good shot of the Master, but it is off of the living room downstairs.  See why we need a video tour?  Confusing. 

This is probably my favorite guest bedroom because of the larger window, and because it is connected to a guest bathroom.  I'm going to go ahead and say that Bozeman Offspring #1 will probably shack up in this room.  I love it!  But since Duncan is the only offspring as of now, we shall call this "Duncan's Room" for organizational purposes.  He will likely not be consulted for decorating input.

This would be the open bonus room.  I say open because it has no door.  We also scored a "Game Room" as the floorplan calls it, just down the hall from this room.  Essentially, it is a closed off bonus room.  So, if you hear "Bonus Room," think of the above room.  If you hear "Game Room," think of the room you have yet to see a picture of.  I am now realizing that I am only showing you a fraction of the house.  I apologize. 

More to come, friends!

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