Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th!!!

We began our holiday quite early this morning with a Fourth of July 5K race.  Andy participated this time, and Duncan and I went to show our support.  Let's just say Andy finishes these races a bit faster than I do, so we weren't out there too awful long. :)

Andy ready to begin the race!

Duncan watching the race begin--he was such a good boy.

The mob Andy was a part of finally began to move...

Andy starting the race (I think he's behind the flag).

Andy's biggest fans...

Duncan waiting to see Andy cross the finish line...

Andy coming to the finish line...



After the race, we headed back to our current home (my grandma's house) to celebrate her birthday.

We got her a yummy buttercream cake...

She's a firecracker if I've ever seen one, and we are so happy to have her around. 
Happy 35th Birthday, Grandmama!!!

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