Friday, July 8, 2011

Final Walk-Thru...

Well, after about 2 hours and 45 minutes, I finally finished up the walk-thru at the new house.  I left feeling completely confident in our builder.  Drees Homes has been around for a while, and we knew we loved their developments and floorplans, but now that we are beginning the closing and warranty process, I am whole-heartedly impressed with their professionalism and organization.  They are a well-oiled machine, and I feel very certain that we have made the right decision for our family.  I won't go in to all of the details of creating the final "punch list", discussing the warranty process we will begin on closing day, and all of the other fun facts I learned about this particular home while walking through it.  It was an exciting day, and although my personal accountant couldn't be in attendance (shout-out to the hubs!), be assured that I have already word-vomited almost all of the details from my time there over the phone.  I also have a FABULOUSLY organized binder (put together by the builder) in case I forget any important details in the near future.  We are SO ready for closing day!!!


While at the house today, I made sure to measure the windows in the Master BR, bath, and closet.  I figured it was of utmost importance to start with blinds in these rooms.  There's nothing like flashing your neighbors to say, "We're new to the neighborhood!!!"  Although Andy and I had grown accustomed to white, faux wood 2 in. blinds in the last house, I have decided I want to add a few more wooden shades in this house.  Wooden shades add a warmer, slightly "home-ier" feel, and I think they will work well with the West Elm bedding we will have in our Master BR.

The first option I've looked into is brought to you by Lowes:

Style Selections

The next option hails from Home Depot:


An online option I found from Select Blinds (FUN FACT--They supply blinds for ABC's Extreme Makeover Home Edition):

Express Woven Shade

$62.49 (Buy 3, Get 1 Free/Free Shipping)

I'm really looking for a medium wood coloring on the shades so that they will compliment our bed and furniture, while not looking too harsh and dark next to our bedding.  Hopefully I can nail down a choice before closing week!

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