Monday, July 18, 2011


After a month of living in the "in-between,"  we have finally come to the closing day on our new home.  Let me tell you, it helped a lot to negate the beach blues we felt leaving Florida yesterday--we are SO excited!  The plan is to meet up at the house for the final-final walk-thru so that we can see that everything on our punch list was completed.  Then, we will hop, skip, and jump on over to the title company to sign the papers, hand over the biggest check we've ever written as a married couple sizable check, and hopefully drive away with the keys in hand!!!

 Yep, I threw in a random beach pic for you.  More details on that trip to come...

We do plan on staying at the new house even before our furniture arrives this next weekend.  We'll likely sleep on an air mattress, eat Ramen noodles, and stare at the pretty walls until we get cable up and running in the house.  Although this week may be crazy, stressful, and full of moving, we could not be more thankful for our blessings, having a home, and being together. 

Did you notice Duncan's lazy eye in this one???

We are finally homeowners...AGAIN!

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