Tuesday, June 28, 2011

World Market to the Rescue...

Andy was forced lovingly offered to take me to World Market this past weekend to see if we could find a new media cabinet for our TV for the next house (I am ready to use my red server as a dining room piece as it is intended).  We needed a media cabinet wide enough to hold our TV without looking dinky, and I felt fairly certain that I had found one on World Market's website.  We went, we saw, we bought.  Yes, I had full permission from my personal accountant to purchase the media cabinet.  It was on sale, and we both really liked it.  We had also sold several of our older furniture pieces on Craigslist before we moved, so we had a little cash to use toward the purchase as well.

Here she is.  I think this will do the trick in the bonus room!

While in the store, Andy also spotted this sectional sofa that was on sale.  He was really smitten with the chaise (that can be moved to either end of the couch--very cool).  And I was really liking the oatmeal coloring (not pictured here) and the linen-ish feel.  Well, we talked and discussed it to death in the store and eventually decided to make the plunge.

I actually had my heart set on a Haverty's sofa, but we were able to purchase the media cabinet and couch for less than that one sofa!

In case anyone is wondering, YES we did measure the living room space BEFORE purchasing the sofa.  Although we aren't 100% sure how it will be placed in the room, we think it will be just right! 

And, in case anyone else living in Nashville is wondering, the closest World Market locations are in West Nashville (off Charlotte) and in Murfreesboro (for any South Nashvillians out there), which happens to be my location of choice.  Any other W.M. fans out there???


  1. We got our media cabinet from World Market! I'm not gonna lie, it was not the easiest thing I ever put together (fyi) but totally worth it. We love ours!

  2. Oh no! I read a few reviews that made it sound tricky. Hopefully we can figure it out!