Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Things lately...

Believe it or not, between packing boxes and trying not to go crazy looking at stacks of previously mentioned boxes, we have had other things going on.  Who knew, right?

This past weekend we visited the cemetery where my granddad is buried for the decoration ceremony that was being held there.  It's an opportunity to decorate the gravesites with flowers, visit with family, etc.  We were able to see the headstone that my grandmother had picked out.  It was absolutely perfect.

It reads "Precious Memories" and has a picture of a couple embracing in front of a beautiful sunset.  Although I am NOT ready for my grandmother to go anywhere soon (do you hear me, Joanne?), it warms my heart to think of the day when they will see each other again.  What an example of love and marriage they have given us.  The headstone also included Granddad's favorite verse:  Phillipians 4:13.  Very fitting for a man like him.

My aunt put together the flowers for the decoration.  She did a wonderful job!

I loved all of the purples--perfect for a grandmother who LOVES purple!  Although it was quite warm, it was really good to visit with family.


My mom and I found a break from packing this week to visit a local fabric store.  She was looking for fabric for a client, and I was looking for fabric for our imaginary next house. :)  I found a Dwell Studio fabric that I had been looking for, knowing that it would be the perfect compliment to the fabric I just scored a few weeks ago.

They actually had this same print at Sir's where I got the other fabric, but they only had it in blue.  Not that blue is altogether bad, it is just way more "me" to find it in yellow.  The fabric is called "Vintage Blossom" in the citrine color scheme.

I love the yellow/gray color combo anyway, so I think this will be a perfect addition to the future guest room.


I mentioned earlier that you would need to stay tuned to find out where we will be moving next...well, maybe stay tuned a little longer.

  Yet another thing we have been doing a lot of lately is looking at houses.  We actually were under contract on a local foreclosure, but that ended up falling through.  We are continuing to shop around and are hoping to find the right home very soon.  In the mean time, my lovely grandmother is willing to let us shack up with her.  We don't want to be in her hair for too awful long, so we are keeping our fingers crossed that something works out.  So, as mentioned before, stick with us to see where we go next!  Your guess is as good as ours. :)

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