Saturday, June 4, 2011

Rafael NaDOG...

Do you know?  Have you heard?  We have quite the tennis star on our hands...

No, not him...

Yes, this little guy. 

Please watch the following video to witness his mad skills.

Disclaimer:  Please excuse the bit of baby talk you hear.  We speak to Duncan as if he is our small child.  Sad, I know. 

In all seriousness, we have been taking Duncan to the tennis courts lately so that Andy can teach me to play.  For those that don't know, Andy is a very good tennis player (though he will adamantly deny this and kill me for saying it on our blog).  Therefore, he is a very capable coach.  I was a bit nervous to have him "coach" me because I am not always the best learner.  I get easily frustrated with myself, and I hate not being good at things (I got it honest).  However, Andy (as is typical for him) is very patient and soft-spoken as he politely corrects my form, and I am proud to say that I haven't thrown my racquet even once!  We both agree that I am not the worst player in the world (both of my parents play, so surely I have some genetic predisposition to not stink), but I am continuing to learn how to set up to hit the ball, working on my form, and just getting the feel of the racquet.  Andy promised me just today that if I keep working at it and get better he may get me my own racquet (I am currently borrowing my mom's).  So for now I will keep working hard in hopes of some new tennis digs.

As for Duncan,  we feel the likelihood of him holding a racquet without opposable thumbs is not good, so we will continue working on getting him to bring back the tennis balls he collects.  He could be such a help on the courts if he would just take on the role of Ball Boy. 

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