Saturday, June 25, 2011

Fridge Shopping...Again

As some of you might know, Andy and I purchased a brand new refrigerator for our prior home last spring.  Well, as of today, we are selling that refrigerator back to the new owners (long story), and thus we are left to buy something new...again.  After checking our local Sears Outlet, I have determined we will need to buy new.  I somehow cannot convince myself to buy a severely dented fridge even at a discounted rate.

So, we are off to shop the deals on a new refrigerator for our next place.  We are finally getting stainless, and we feel pretty certain that we want to go with a french door style (Andy begged for one the last time, but I wanted ice in the door--we may compromise on a french door WITH ice in the door).  The only thing left to do is determine what size we need for the space, and we are ready to buy.  Here are a couple that I have looked at thus far...

Whirlpool Gold version...reasonably priced and would match brand of future appliances.

Samsung's sleek and so pretty, but a bit pricier.

We'll see what deals and steals we can find today.  I'll try not to embarrass Andy along the way by lovingly stroking any stainless steel beauties. :)

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