Thursday, June 30, 2011

A few of the long-awaited interior pics...

Andy got up early this morning and emailed me the pictures that I had taken on my camera (that he now has in Denver).  Thank you, Dear!  I figured I should space these out a bit, purely because I have very little to write about right now.  Be looking for more to come tomorrow! 

We'll start with my favorite picture.  Ah, "SOLD."  The word that means you have a home to live in.  Music to our ears.

Admittedly, this picture is terrible.  But, I love the front door, and I was trying to get a picture of the sold sign through it.  Don't judge me.

This is my attempt to show the two-story foyer action we have going here.  I took this from the stairs...

Coming down the stairs (so you can get a feel for the layout as you come in the front door) looking ahead to the dining room.

Standing in the dining room looking out into the open "family room," which we will likely refer to as the living room.  We loved the open columns.  Our previous house was very choppy and closed off.  This one immediately stole our hearts with the seamless layout of the foyer, dining room, living room, and kitchen (which you have yet to see but is to the left of the living room).  We also loved the mouldings (which we have since added to) and the hardwoods.  I've already been shopping for just the right mop system to take care of them.  They will be my babies, second only to my real-life child, Duncan the dog.


I have learned that looking at pictures of homes never does the flow of the home justice, so I may take our Flip camera to the house one day very soon to walk you through it.  IF you pretend to not notice my super annoying voice. :)


As of the last time we went by, the builder was adding the crown moulding we asked for in the master, living room, and kitchen.  No news yet on whether the changing out of light fixtures/bathroom fixtures has happened (these were also things we asked for).  Something we have learned along the way:  If you give a builder a good price on an inventory home (like ours), you can have them sneak in other little "features" you'd like to add.  The reason our closing had to be pushed back a bit was to allow time for the changes we asked for.  It will be well worth the wait!


I was just at my parents' house and my mom and I are already feverishly planning the decor in various rooms of the house.  More fabric was purchased that I have neglected to show you (again, discount fabric), but we are trying to plan out where things are going to go, color schemes, etc.  I cannot tell you how exciting it is to start all over.  Several people have asked me, "Aren't you sad to have to leave all of that hard work behind?"  Nope.  Not one bit.  There were still so many things that I would have done differently in our previous home, and now I get another try.  One thing I have learned that will help me in this home is to TAKE MY TIME in decorating.  I'm the world's worst at feeling like it has to be "done" so that people can visit and it not look unfinished.  However, some of my largest mistakes in paint color choices occurred when I felt like I just needed the paint color changed fast.  We have been blessed with a completely neutral-colored home that I will ONLY paint if I am sure of my choice (or as sure as sure can really ever be).  And I will take my time deciding on curtain choices because I do NOT want my mom to have to make any more panels than she has to.  Hold me to it, friends! 

Anyone else out there ever feel the need to just "finish" your decor and then you regret it later???


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    Happy New House Nesting! :)