Wednesday, June 29, 2011

And the winner is...

As you well know from this post, Andy and I went refrigerator shopping on Saturday at our local Sears store.  We had a gift card that we needed to use there, so why not use it toward a new appliance? 

We worked with a very knowledgeable Sears employee that started by showing us a FABULOUS 4-drawer Samsung refrigerator (you know the one from the commercial where the adorable little boy gets his own juice box from the extra drawer above the freezer?).

We were officially "wowed" by a refrigerator--pathetic.  But major props to the Sears guy--begin by showing customers the BEST refrigerator in the store to hopefully get a BIG sale--sneaky, sneaky.  We saw several others that day, and we came home knowing one thing for sure--we had to have a Samsung.  Which one?  We weren't sure. 

Samsung sold us on a few points:
1.  They design attractive appliances (don't judge me--you have to look at them often!).
2.  They sell their refrigerators with 5 year warranties as opposed to the 1 year warranty you get with other brands.
3.  Their refrigerators have the highest levels of interior humidity, which they advertise will help in keeping fruits and vegetables fresher 30% longer than other brands (no clue if this claim is true--but it sounded to great to us--we may or may not allow MANY fruits/veggies to rot in our refrigerator all too often).
4.  They have been ranked "Highest Initial Quality" in refrigerators by J.D. Power and Associates several years running.
5.  They think of EVERYTHING in their design:  Tip up shelves for storing taller items, LED lights in the refrigerator for longer-lasting lighting, a perfectly-sized slot for frozen pizzas in the freezer drawer, and adjustable space in the freezer (many brands had fixed baskets and drawers).
6.  Need I say more???

All of this to say, we knew we wanted to neglect the idea that we HAD to match the refrigerator to the other appliances in the new kitchen (which are all Whirlpool), but we weren't sure which Samsung to purchase.  We really had to discuss the super-cool "fourth drawer refrigerator" to determine if it was really worth paying an extra 250-300 dollars.  We decided it wasn't.  We opted for the french door style with ice in the door (yay!) as we had originally wanted, and lucky for us, it has just been reduced in price!

We can't wait to see this puppy in its new home, but until then, let me know if you have any friends that work at Samsung.  I would love to be compensated for my claims that they are awesome. :)

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