Thursday, June 30, 2011

A few of the long-awaited interior pics...

Andy got up early this morning and emailed me the pictures that I had taken on my camera (that he now has in Denver).  Thank you, Dear!  I figured I should space these out a bit, purely because I have very little to write about right now.  Be looking for more to come tomorrow! 

We'll start with my favorite picture.  Ah, "SOLD."  The word that means you have a home to live in.  Music to our ears.

Admittedly, this picture is terrible.  But, I love the front door, and I was trying to get a picture of the sold sign through it.  Don't judge me.

This is my attempt to show the two-story foyer action we have going here.  I took this from the stairs...

Coming down the stairs (so you can get a feel for the layout as you come in the front door) looking ahead to the dining room.

Standing in the dining room looking out into the open "family room," which we will likely refer to as the living room.  We loved the open columns.  Our previous house was very choppy and closed off.  This one immediately stole our hearts with the seamless layout of the foyer, dining room, living room, and kitchen (which you have yet to see but is to the left of the living room).  We also loved the mouldings (which we have since added to) and the hardwoods.  I've already been shopping for just the right mop system to take care of them.  They will be my babies, second only to my real-life child, Duncan the dog.


I have learned that looking at pictures of homes never does the flow of the home justice, so I may take our Flip camera to the house one day very soon to walk you through it.  IF you pretend to not notice my super annoying voice. :)


As of the last time we went by, the builder was adding the crown moulding we asked for in the master, living room, and kitchen.  No news yet on whether the changing out of light fixtures/bathroom fixtures has happened (these were also things we asked for).  Something we have learned along the way:  If you give a builder a good price on an inventory home (like ours), you can have them sneak in other little "features" you'd like to add.  The reason our closing had to be pushed back a bit was to allow time for the changes we asked for.  It will be well worth the wait!


I was just at my parents' house and my mom and I are already feverishly planning the decor in various rooms of the house.  More fabric was purchased that I have neglected to show you (again, discount fabric), but we are trying to plan out where things are going to go, color schemes, etc.  I cannot tell you how exciting it is to start all over.  Several people have asked me, "Aren't you sad to have to leave all of that hard work behind?"  Nope.  Not one bit.  There were still so many things that I would have done differently in our previous home, and now I get another try.  One thing I have learned that will help me in this home is to TAKE MY TIME in decorating.  I'm the world's worst at feeling like it has to be "done" so that people can visit and it not look unfinished.  However, some of my largest mistakes in paint color choices occurred when I felt like I just needed the paint color changed fast.  We have been blessed with a completely neutral-colored home that I will ONLY paint if I am sure of my choice (or as sure as sure can really ever be).  And I will take my time deciding on curtain choices because I do NOT want my mom to have to make any more panels than she has to.  Hold me to it, friends! 

Anyone else out there ever feel the need to just "finish" your decor and then you regret it later???

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

And the winner is...

As you well know from this post, Andy and I went refrigerator shopping on Saturday at our local Sears store.  We had a gift card that we needed to use there, so why not use it toward a new appliance? 

We worked with a very knowledgeable Sears employee that started by showing us a FABULOUS 4-drawer Samsung refrigerator (you know the one from the commercial where the adorable little boy gets his own juice box from the extra drawer above the freezer?).

We were officially "wowed" by a refrigerator--pathetic.  But major props to the Sears guy--begin by showing customers the BEST refrigerator in the store to hopefully get a BIG sale--sneaky, sneaky.  We saw several others that day, and we came home knowing one thing for sure--we had to have a Samsung.  Which one?  We weren't sure. 

Samsung sold us on a few points:
1.  They design attractive appliances (don't judge me--you have to look at them often!).
2.  They sell their refrigerators with 5 year warranties as opposed to the 1 year warranty you get with other brands.
3.  Their refrigerators have the highest levels of interior humidity, which they advertise will help in keeping fruits and vegetables fresher 30% longer than other brands (no clue if this claim is true--but it sounded to great to us--we may or may not allow MANY fruits/veggies to rot in our refrigerator all too often).
4.  They have been ranked "Highest Initial Quality" in refrigerators by J.D. Power and Associates several years running.
5.  They think of EVERYTHING in their design:  Tip up shelves for storing taller items, LED lights in the refrigerator for longer-lasting lighting, a perfectly-sized slot for frozen pizzas in the freezer drawer, and adjustable space in the freezer (many brands had fixed baskets and drawers).
6.  Need I say more???

All of this to say, we knew we wanted to neglect the idea that we HAD to match the refrigerator to the other appliances in the new kitchen (which are all Whirlpool), but we weren't sure which Samsung to purchase.  We really had to discuss the super-cool "fourth drawer refrigerator" to determine if it was really worth paying an extra 250-300 dollars.  We decided it wasn't.  We opted for the french door style with ice in the door (yay!) as we had originally wanted, and lucky for us, it has just been reduced in price!

We can't wait to see this puppy in its new home, but until then, let me know if you have any friends that work at Samsung.  I would love to be compensated for my claims that they are awesome. :)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

World Market to the Rescue...

Andy was forced lovingly offered to take me to World Market this past weekend to see if we could find a new media cabinet for our TV for the next house (I am ready to use my red server as a dining room piece as it is intended).  We needed a media cabinet wide enough to hold our TV without looking dinky, and I felt fairly certain that I had found one on World Market's website.  We went, we saw, we bought.  Yes, I had full permission from my personal accountant to purchase the media cabinet.  It was on sale, and we both really liked it.  We had also sold several of our older furniture pieces on Craigslist before we moved, so we had a little cash to use toward the purchase as well.

Here she is.  I think this will do the trick in the bonus room!

While in the store, Andy also spotted this sectional sofa that was on sale.  He was really smitten with the chaise (that can be moved to either end of the couch--very cool).  And I was really liking the oatmeal coloring (not pictured here) and the linen-ish feel.  Well, we talked and discussed it to death in the store and eventually decided to make the plunge.

I actually had my heart set on a Haverty's sofa, but we were able to purchase the media cabinet and couch for less than that one sofa!

In case anyone is wondering, YES we did measure the living room space BEFORE purchasing the sofa.  Although we aren't 100% sure how it will be placed in the room, we think it will be just right! 

And, in case anyone else living in Nashville is wondering, the closest World Market locations are in West Nashville (off Charlotte) and in Murfreesboro (for any South Nashvillians out there), which happens to be my location of choice.  Any other W.M. fans out there???

Monday, June 27, 2011

Sneak Peek...

Andy may kill me for this, but I just had to show you a peek of our next place (barring any unforeseen catastrophic events, this will be our next place).  I actually went by yesterday and snapped a few interior pictures, but Andy took off to Denver WITH my camera.  I may have him email the pictures back to me, but until then, I found this exterior shot online. 

More details to come on the specifics of this home, but let's just say the fourth time is the charm when attempting to buy a home for the Bozemans. :)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Fridge Shopping...Again

As some of you might know, Andy and I purchased a brand new refrigerator for our prior home last spring.  Well, as of today, we are selling that refrigerator back to the new owners (long story), and thus we are left to buy something new...again.  After checking our local Sears Outlet, I have determined we will need to buy new.  I somehow cannot convince myself to buy a severely dented fridge even at a discounted rate.

So, we are off to shop the deals on a new refrigerator for our next place.  We are finally getting stainless, and we feel pretty certain that we want to go with a french door style (Andy begged for one the last time, but I wanted ice in the door--we may compromise on a french door WITH ice in the door).  The only thing left to do is determine what size we need for the space, and we are ready to buy.  Here are a couple that I have looked at thus far...

Whirlpool Gold version...reasonably priced and would match brand of future appliances.

Samsung's sleek and so pretty, but a bit pricier.

We'll see what deals and steals we can find today.  I'll try not to embarrass Andy along the way by lovingly stroking any stainless steel beauties. :)

Thursday, June 23, 2011


I've heard new mothers say that there is a reason God designed pregnancy to last for 9 the time that last month comes you don't care how bad the labor is...get that baby out!  Well, I've decided moving is much the same.  By the time you pack your millionth box, break your back moving heavy furniture, drop tons of money on storage units (in our case) don't have time to be emotional about leaving your home. 

Honestly, I didn't have a huge attachment to this home anyway, but I have to say it was quite eerie sitting in the empty house.  My last visit to the empty house was alone and I stumbled across a plastic eyeball Duncan had torn from one of his toys.  It was the first time I had really taken the time to think about how we started our lives together in this house (weird for an eyeball to spark this thought process, I realize).  We became "The Bozemans" under the Village Way roof, and even though I absolutely know we are moving in the right direction for our family, it is worth thinking about how "we" began in that home.

Here are a few of the last photos I took of the house...

Weird, huh?  It no longer feels like home when you see it's just a set of walls.  Without our furniture and decor, and certainly without my boys, it is only a house.  One that will hopefully treat the next family really well.

While we are at it, here are a few random moving pictures I took along the way...

The POD being delivered.  Quite possibly the coolest thing ever.  I actually videotaped them dropping it off.  Yes, I am a nerd.  This is one of SIX locations where our junk is stored.  Moving is really fun.

Andy took this while I was cutting packing tape.  Can you tell it wasn't all that fun?

Andy's Mom and I bubble-wrapped my favorite furniture pieces.  It was a nightmare blast.  I think I also owe Andy's Mom my first-born child.  I'm guessing she and my mom will have to fight over it (they both played major roles in helping us pack up).

This is what Duncan did while we were packing.  Helpful?  Not nearly.

Well, in short, moving is as fun as ripping your toenails off one by one, but it is all part of the process of getting into the home you really want.  I think we have found one that will make all of the stress worth it.  Once I get the go-ahead from Andy, I will pass on more details about our next move.  For now, I will leave you with the following picture...

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


The papers have been signed.  The keys have been handed over.  We have officially SOLD our house!  The waiting, stressing, and worrying has all paid off.  As of tonight, the Bozemans are debt free...well, for a little while longer anyway.  We might have been holding out on you a bit as far as our next dwelling goes...more news to come. 

Until then, I will look a little something like this.  :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Cross your fingers...

The closing on our home sale was postponed until tomorrow (long story).  Please cross your fingers for us!  We will post as soon as we know something...
Until then, I will look a little something like this.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Love the Club...

Do you remember these old fabric scraps I picked up long ago?  Probably not...
Please tell me you didn't forget this old beaut from the bonus room...

Disclaimer:  In case you are new to our blog, we officially killed this blue carpet a while back.  Don't judge us based on this old picture...

Well, Stella the Club Chair is in the process of getting her groove back.  You see, when fabric scraps meet old club chairs, good things happen.  Admittedly, I had considered getting rid of Old Faithful long ago, seeing as though fabric and re-upholstering can be pricey.  However, this chair is rock-solid, I grew up sitting my sizeable tush on it (and it has held up well/ is slightly sentimental), and I priced new club chairs only to find a new one would cost me more than putting some love into this one.  I also fell in love with the houndstooth print fabric (pictured above) and could see it really working on Stella.  And let's be honest, I'm married to a HUGE Alabama fan--it would be down-right sinful to neglect to include some sort of houndstooth in our home.

I actually went back to the fabric store months ago and bought the fabric I needed.  I bought the very last of it they had.  It was truly a magical moment.  I couldn't wait to see what this fabric could do.  I was literally two seconds from shipping this bad boy off to the re-upholstery guy my mom uses...and then we decided to sell our home.  RUH-ROH (in the words of Duncan).  You see, I fast-forwarded past the selling of our home to the MOVING of all of our junk, and I saw a nightmare unfolding.  Picture the newly spruced club chair (in all of its light-colored houndstooth glory) getting scuffed and spotted along its merry way to the next house.  Not happening.  There would be tears--lots of them.  There would be Andy with a calculator adding up how much money I had just thrown away on fixing up a now-ruined chair.  Again, not happening.

So what's a girl to do?  Well, my mom (who I owe at least my first child to by now--thanks, Mom!) came and picked Chub-Club up in her Mom-mobile (along with the fabric) and took it on to her house.  I am assuming we will deliver that puppy to the upholstery guy at some point this summer.  Therefore, my newly glammed up chair will make its grand appearance in the NEW HOUSE.  Which we don't have yet (details, details).

I am VERY excited to see the finished product on Extreme Makeover Club Chair Edition, but until then, that is one less piece of furniture we have to load this weekend!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Things lately...

Believe it or not, between packing boxes and trying not to go crazy looking at stacks of previously mentioned boxes, we have had other things going on.  Who knew, right?

This past weekend we visited the cemetery where my granddad is buried for the decoration ceremony that was being held there.  It's an opportunity to decorate the gravesites with flowers, visit with family, etc.  We were able to see the headstone that my grandmother had picked out.  It was absolutely perfect.

It reads "Precious Memories" and has a picture of a couple embracing in front of a beautiful sunset.  Although I am NOT ready for my grandmother to go anywhere soon (do you hear me, Joanne?), it warms my heart to think of the day when they will see each other again.  What an example of love and marriage they have given us.  The headstone also included Granddad's favorite verse:  Phillipians 4:13.  Very fitting for a man like him.

My aunt put together the flowers for the decoration.  She did a wonderful job!

I loved all of the purples--perfect for a grandmother who LOVES purple!  Although it was quite warm, it was really good to visit with family.


My mom and I found a break from packing this week to visit a local fabric store.  She was looking for fabric for a client, and I was looking for fabric for our imaginary next house. :)  I found a Dwell Studio fabric that I had been looking for, knowing that it would be the perfect compliment to the fabric I just scored a few weeks ago.

They actually had this same print at Sir's where I got the other fabric, but they only had it in blue.  Not that blue is altogether bad, it is just way more "me" to find it in yellow.  The fabric is called "Vintage Blossom" in the citrine color scheme.

I love the yellow/gray color combo anyway, so I think this will be a perfect addition to the future guest room.


I mentioned earlier that you would need to stay tuned to find out where we will be moving next...well, maybe stay tuned a little longer.

  Yet another thing we have been doing a lot of lately is looking at houses.  We actually were under contract on a local foreclosure, but that ended up falling through.  We are continuing to shop around and are hoping to find the right home very soon.  In the mean time, my lovely grandmother is willing to let us shack up with her.  We don't want to be in her hair for too awful long, so we are keeping our fingers crossed that something works out.  So, as mentioned before, stick with us to see where we go next!  Your guess is as good as ours. :)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

There is something we should tell you...

We'll let Duncan share the news...

"Are you ready for the BIG news?"

"No, I just can't..."

"Well, you do need to know..."

"I'll just let all of the boxes speak for themselves..."

Well, friends, we are hopefully closing on the sale of our first home on Monday.  Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers--things are a bit crazy, and they are likely going to get crazier.  We are moving our smaller items to storage on Friday, and our larger furniture will be loaded into a POD on Saturday.  Our buyers are also doing their final walk-through on Saturday.  If all of these things go well, we are set for Monday.

Where are we going next?  Stay tuned...

Thursday, June 9, 2011

The post I forgot to post...

So, not too awful long ago, my wee-little brother graduated from high school.  It was a big night for him (and my parents who are soon to be empty nesters).  My mom captured a few pictures from the night on her camera, and she let me steal a few to share.

 Proud parents...

 The kids...
Disclaimer:  I was wearing Andy's suit coat at this point because it was chilly.  No, I don't usually dress this way.)


The Richardson Clan...

 Love this kid!


Congrats, Connor! 
Remember to BYOF (Bring Your Own Food) and you can come visit us any time!

***Mom, you can just pass on the message to him since he NEVER reads our blog.***