Sunday, May 15, 2011

Waiting actually paid off...

No, we haven't sold our house. :) 
But, in other news, I brought home this pretty little lady the other night.

I have had my eye on garden stools for a VERY long time, but was unwilling to pay the top-dollar amount for one.  I had spotted this one at World Market a while back (and proceeded to fall in love with it), but it was still 69 dollars.  So I kept it in my computer's home idea file and waited it out.  The next thing I knew, I checked their website and the stool was nowhere to be found.  I was very sad.  So the other night in Murfreesboro (after my brother's birthday dinner), Andy and I went to World Market to see if my beloved stool had truly gone to retail heaven.  It was like in a movie...we walked in the store...and from seemingly miles away...Andy spotted the apple green beauty I so wanted to call my own.  I sprinted patiently walked over to it, stroked and petted it, and noticed a sale sign.  It was now 59 dollars!  A bit better, right?  The display and one other in a box were the only ones left in the store.  I looked up at Andy, and before I even had to beg, he said I could get it.  He knew I would be a sad puppy the whole way home if I left her behind.  It was truly love (the extra 10 dollars off at the register for giving them my email address helped too=49 buckaroos!).

We safely carried her home in a giant box...

And decided it could also be used as a throne for Duncan (if needed).

So far the stool has called this spot home in the bonus room.  I had never really noticed the green in Duncan's toy basket until I put it here.  I am loving the pop of green (completely random in the room) right now.  I fully intend to make this stool make more sense in the next house.  But for now, I'm just going to bask in its beauty while reflecting on how thankful I am that I ended up marrying a boy that knows a girl just can't leave behind an apple green stool when she sees one on sale.

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