Monday, May 30, 2011

Fabric Finds...

Fun Fact:  If you read the fine print in home listing agreements today, it states that draperies stay with the home when it sells.  Therefore, if our home sells, all of our lovely curtains that my mom has made will have to remain with the house.  What to do?  Visit Sirs Fabric in Fayetteville, Tennessee to see what sweet deals are cooking in case we need to replace ALL of our curtains for the next house. 

For those that don't know, Sirs is a great place to go for cheap designer fabrics.  Most fabric scraps on the tables are priced from $2.99-3.99 a yard.  The problem I often run in to is that I need more fabric than the scraps can provide, but at times I get lucky.  Like on Saturday.

Not only were most of the scraps I liked marked $2.99 a yard, the store was also running a Memorial Day sale which took another 20% off.  Therefore, I scored enough fabric to outfit 3 rooms in a future hizzy for just 40 dollars.  Designer fabrics, people!!!

I found the most usable fabric with these scraps.  You have to carefully inspect each scrap because some are at the store because the print is off, it is stained, etc.  I had seen this same fabric on the Honey We're Home blog, and after looking back at her post about it (click the link), I found that she paid about $15 a yard for it.  I paid only $2.99 with the 20% discount!  Good eye, Bozeman, good eye.

My next find was a bit more difficult.  I immediately recognized this fabric because I had seen it before on Emily Clark's blog (love).  She had used this on a bedroom redesign.  It's a Dwell Studio line fabric (you may recognize the name because Target carries their line), and I thought it would look stellar on my black Pottery Barn bed in a guest room.  My mom said she could make me a duvet cover IF I could find enough of the fabric.  Only problem?  One of the scraps had quite a coloring error, so we had to get creative.  We ended up deciding to go with the scraps we could find and Mom may only use this fabric as a block down the middle of a duvet cover and border it in white or something.  I think we also have enough for a couple of pillows.  We'll make it work.  Best news of all?  The store gave me the fabric for only $1.99 because of the discoloration (and then I was able to use the additional 20% discount).  Andy said I might as well have stolen it because it retails for $42 a yard!

Sadly, I have no idea what this next fabric retails for, but I was determined to leave the store with a trellis print.  The curtains I will absolutely HATE to leave behind are the ones my mom made for the living room.  The fabric pictured above is exactly the same print, just a different color scheme.  Although we couldn't find enough fabric to do panels with, we are planning to use it for a faux roman shade of some sort. 

When I first told Andy I spent 40 dollars on fabric for a future house we do not even own yet, he seemed a bit "whatever" about it.  But when he reads this post and sees the AMAZING deals I got, I think he may change his mind.  Extreme shopping at its best!  Enjoy the Memorial Day deals, friends!


  1. I love your new fabrics! I need to make a trip there sometime, although what to do with it after it's purchased is beyond me. :)

  2. GIIIIIIIRRRRRRRLLLLLL-me lovey your new fabrics!!! PLEASE email me when your new curtains are made and up so I can feature them! I'm in Brentwood, is Fayetteville near me? I wanna meet you at that fabric shop! I'm loving the quatrefoil print and um yes, I would CRY that I had to leave those AMAZEBALLS panels behind but it looks like you will have some new ones to make you feel better! Oh, and can I pay your mom to make me some? does she make pillows or anything else for money? I don't know ANYONE here for it =( Anyway, I want to do a feature on you and all of this stuff, so send me pics! xoxo shelli

  3. Thanks, ladies! Sirs is fabulous!