Sunday, April 24, 2011

Flea Market Fern...

Andy and I decided to brave the flea market this weekend with our furry friend, Duncan. I've taken Duncan in the past with success, so we decided to give it a go.

He was quite a hit with the ladies, and he got a few other pups stirred up along the way, but overall he did well.  We let him walk with us on a short leash, and we even stopped along the way to give him a water break.

However, he was downright pooped when we got to the car.

Andy and I were very pleased with our morning at the flea market, as you can see.

Dunk was asleep before we even pulled in the driveway.

Can he be any cuter???

I'm proud to say that the only money I spent was on a Kimberly Queen fern for the front porch urn.  Yes, I have already killed off the pricey spiral bush we bought back in January.  I think I have the opposite of a green thumb.  The fern is HUGE and it only cost me 10 bucks (and they are VERY hard to kill--I had two last season).  What a find.

Speaking of finds--I found this beauty while out shopping with my mom on Good Friday.  I really liked the heavy-duty, somewhat-utilitarian look to to this lantern.  I might have passed it up (since I already have a black lantern), but my mom mentioned that this reminded her of Restoration Hardware's lanterns that sell for over a hundred dollars.  I decided I liked the look well enough to swing the 30 buckaroos it called for.  I checked my mom's facts when I got home...

Santorini Square Lanterns

Very similar, right?  Same size lantern costs a mere $139 dollars!  Thank you, Home Goods.  Thank you very much.


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