Sunday, April 17, 2011

Depersonalizing and Decluttering...

I was electronically "spanked" today by my grandmama for not posting more often.  In honor of her, I have decided to post, even though I am quite sure this may be the most boring post to date.  If it is, don't tell me.  If it isn't, definitely don't tell me (that will mean other posts are equally or more boring than this one).

When we chose to put our house on the market, I began watching home selling shows on HGTV and A&E religiously.  I wanted to soak in as many "Sabrina Sotoisms" as possible prior to opening the house up for strangers to see.  The big theme in most every episode involved depersonalization of the home, all while decluttering it as well.  I took that to heart and set out to do the same in our abode.

I started with the MOST personal section of our home--the collage wall I finished this summer.  I knew it was way too "the Bozemans live here" to be kept up, so I chose to change out the frames for the time being.  To be perfectly honest, I so enjoyed our collage, and it absolutely killed me to change out the pictures.  I actually ended up putting the new pictures on top of the old ones in the frame so that I wouldn't forget what went where.  Silly, I know, but I love my pictures!

The finished product looks pretty rough, but I was attempting to replace pictures with non-personal ones that I already had on my computer.

I filled the double frames with fabric scraps I had on hand.

This was a photo I had taken on a hike this past fall.

This is one of our light fixtures on the front side of the house.  I wanted to showcase a little bit of our home in the collage.

I also included a picture of our mailbox, thus showcasing our address number to hopefully encourage buyers to take it as their own. :)

As you can see, the second time around on the collage wasn't perfect, but it only cost me the photo printing on Snapfish.

I wanted to keep a few decorative table frames up around the house to make it feel homey.  So, any pictures that I chose only show us holding hands (as in this engagement photo), or they include landscape pictures that I have taken.


As far as the decluttering goes, this was much less painful.  I have actually come to find that decluttering makes our home feel cleaner (less junk around).  I hope to carry this mentality forth into our next home.

In the kitchen, the decluttering involves putting the coffee maker away each morning...

as well as the toaster.  The goal?  Show as much of the granite off as possible.  We have a small kitchen (as much of our feedback has proven), so we have attempted to make it appear more spacious by taking appliances off of the counter.  A pain?  YES!  I make coffee EVERY morning and Andy has toast almost as often, so we are VERY tired of putting these away before work each day.

Decluttering also involved chilling out on the ole' "put every favorite accessory you own on the mantle" game that I continued to play.  I've actually enjoyed the "less is more" decor here as of late.

A major decluttering took place with our refrigerator.  I've decided there are two different sets of people in this world:  Cluttered fridge people and non-cluttered fridge people.  I am a cluttered fridge kind of girl for sure.

Have I shown you this yellow lamp yet?  I found it for 29 buckaroos at Kirkland's a while back.  Have I mentioned I like yellow?  This end table is also showcasing 3 separate items (owl, book, lamp).  I am really trying to stick to the 3 item rule on all of my tablescapes.  For some odd reason, I always feel the need to have a picture frame, an accessory or two I love, and a lamp on each table.  Yet, 3 items seems to work much better space-wise, and it makes for an easier dusting session as well (not having to move as many items).

As you can see, things look a bit different around here.  Admittedly, it doesn't feel as much like home without all of our personal photos out and about, but I know it is better for the buyer this way. 

Our home-selling status?  As of yesterday, we sit at 20 showings.  To say that I am praying for patience would be a large understatement.  I am SO ready to have an offer already!  Andy and I believe things will work out the way that they need to (God's timing is so rarely our timing, isn't it?), but it doesn't always make you feel better about keeping the house clean, being inconvenienced by showings, etc.  I guess we'll keep crossing our fingers and scrubbing toilets for now.  Wish us luck!

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