Monday, February 21, 2011

We love some feedback...

So, as soon as Andy and I received our log-in information for our showing site (where all of our showings and feedback is stored), we have become slightly super obsessed with checking it.  Maybe it's our need to be liked, or the desire to know what random strangers feel about our home, or simply the hope beyond hopes that the feedback will read, "Buyers loved it.  Full price offer to follow."  Whatever the reason, Andy and I collectively check the site 4-5 times a day (ridiculous).

Well, so far the feedback has ranged from, "Thanks for the showing.  Not interested." to "Beautiful home.  Will let you know if it makes it to the second showing list."  Overall, we have been fairly pleased with the comments, and have been relieved to hear that the house shows well (and I personally like that people think the decor is okay--phew!).  However, today we had a last minute showing and the feedback that was posted afterward takes the cake.  I actually LOLed.  Here it is:

 First time out with a new client so I had a hard time gauging true interest. The house showed well and clients liked it a lot. I think you're on track... we saw some real dogs while we were out and yours was a star.

HAHA--Out of all of the "dogs" out there at our price point, our home was a "star."  Does it get better than that?  Way to go, Village Way.  Shine on.  Here's to hoping for more star-like appearances in the near future.

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