Sunday, February 20, 2011

Staying sane while selling your home...

I'm so glad we got the cat out of the bag on the last post.  There is so much to talk about now that the big announcement is out of the way. 

Call it OCD, or call it part of being an elementary school teacher, but when I go through with a project I really like to stay organized.  Or at the very least, I like to try keep things to a controlled chaos of sorts.  So naturally when we chose to list our home on the market, and we knew that we would have to keep said home VERY clean over an extended period of time, I figured we needed a plan.  A plan for divvying up all of the little things that would need to be cleaned on occasion to the things that would need to stay clean on a daily basis.  Otherwise, I would turn into a crazy person frantically yelling at my husband before work every morning--"Get that dish out of the sink!"  "Hurry, make the bed!"  "Empty the trash can, STAT!"  You get the point.  In order to save our marriage, and to get the both of us to work on time each morning, I came up with a plan.  It's not rocket science, but it seems to be working for us.

The Bozemans Really Technical, Rocket Science-Like Home Selling Plan:

1.  Keep clothes and gym bags cleaned up in Master and guest room
2. Keep landscaping in check
3. Keep garage in check
4. Vacuum weekly
5. Keep receipts in container in kitchen (this was a MUST--the accountant in him keeps receipts everywhere!)
6. Always keep remotes in TV trays (it needed to be said)

1. Keep clothes cleaned up in Master
2. Make bed EVERY day before work (this is a tough one for me--not a consistent bed-maker)
3. Keep bathroom counter clean in Master
4. Keep bathrooms and kitchen in check
5. Empty Master bath trash DAILY (I just empty it into the kitchen trash can --if anyone cares to know)
6. Open all blinds DAILY
7.  Dust tabletops and mantle weekly
8. Clean wood floors weekly

-Only use Master bath trash can (so there is only one to empty each morning)
-Put Duncan's bowls and toys up before leaving house (no signs of puppy!)
-Keep Glade Plug-Ins up to date

This is a slightly modified version of the one I have typed up at the house, but you get the picture.  Did you notice that I have more on my list than Andy?  Yes, if you want someone to totally buy into a plan such as this one, give yourself more on the list.  It gives the illusion that Andy has a lot less to do. :)  It has really helped us to each have our own duties to stay on top of.  This is not to say that Andy hasn't made the bed once or twice for me, and I didn't vacuum the house before yesterday's showings, but it does help to keep us focused.  I've found the better we can stay on top of the cleaning (little by little), the easier it is to prepare for those last minute showings.  It's quite daunting to keep an entire home clean all of the time, but when you break it down, it is very manageable.

So, clearly, this plan is not genius, but it is working for us.  It is allowing me some "control" during a time when we have things around our home that we can't always control (most specifically, showings).

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