Saturday, February 19, 2011

Secret's Out...

Yep, our home is officially out on the market.  Shocked?  Well, believe it or not, this has been in the works for a while now.  If you'll remember back to the very beginning, Andy had bought our home when our dating relationship was still just a baby.  He bought the house for himself and three other boys to reside in.  Skip ahead to an engagement, wedding, and honeymoon later, and I landed a spot (along with my furry friend, Duncan) on Village Way.  Truth be told, we always knew this was a temporary home.  Not because it wasn't large enough (it is more than enough room for the three of us), not because we couldn't make it our own (we have), and not because the location wasn't perfect (I'm only five minutes or so from my work!).  But because this house would forever be the bachelor pad that Andy bought before we were really serious enough to home shop together.  Because we really want to find a home that fits both of our fancies, and one that still allows me to complete decorating project after project (what else would I write about on here?). 

Why haven't we said anything about this fairly large undertaking?  To be honest, we did let the cat out of the bag with our immediate family (we felt that they should know before we did anything too crazy and we really needed advice on things along the way), but we weren't really ready to tell just everybody.  Why?  Well, we talked about it and were honestly scared to death that we would make a big deal about putting the house on the market...and then we would sit on the market for months and months (which we still could do) without many showings at all (embarrassing).  So, we suffered in silence and busted our tails EVERY weekend for the last couple of months finishing up all of the last details that needed finishing.  Did anyone notice that all of my "home project goals" for the year are already complete in February?  Sneaky, sneaky, we are.  On that note, to all of our friends who have asked recently, "What have you guys been up to this weekend?"--we most likely lied to you.  We probably said something like, "Oh, not much."  When, in all actuality, we had probably been bagging a yard full of leaves, touching up paint in every room in the house, decluttering the house, and putting unnecessary items in a storage unit, etc.  You know, a relaxing weekend.  Did you ever wonder why two sane people would choose to landscape in winter?  Makes sense now, huh?  It may seem shady to have kept all of our plans secretive, but in a huge way, selling your home is very personal.  It was a decision that Andy and I prayed about and discussed to death, and it took us a long time to get here.  A year's worth of changes and projects have all played a part in gussying up our home for a sale (hopefully). 

Why are we telling you now?  Well, frankly, several people have already figured it out.  Whether they have driven by the house and seen the sign in the yard, or have put two and two together with my not-so-subtle posting here, they know we are selling our home.  Also, we have actually had several showings so far (so that fear of telling everyone and never having showings has been eased).  Any offers?  No, not yet.  But what a morale boost to have a few showings!  We have received positive feedback, and feel really certain that our home will be just right for someone.  I'm hoping, if nothing else, someone will be able to see that we have put a lot of sweat, effort, moo-lah, and love into this home, and very little is left to do. 
Below, I have listed the link to our home photo slideshow (in case any of you have any friends that may be needing a home in our area).  I was ecstatic when I saw the pictures the photographer took of our home.  For over a year I have taken very mediocre pictures of our home improvements and none of them have done our work justice.  This is what our home really looks like on the inside. :)

So what are we up to now-a-days?  Well, sadly enough, most of the home projects are complete.  But our latest home project is ongoing--keep this place clean!  If you have ever heard someone complain about selling their home, and like me have thought, it can't be that bad--it is.  Not only have we done a million and one things to get ready to sell, we have to continually clean, clean, clean.  You have to leave your home in spit-spot condition EVERY DAY before leaving for work just in case someone wants to see it.  Meaning, lights have to be left on--just itching to get that electricity bill in the mail--and beds have to be made.  The sink needs to be wiped down and the bathroom trash cans need to be emptied.  Every morning.  Just in case.  On top of the cleaning, sometimes showings come at awkward times.  Like when you are on the couch sick with fever, body aches, nausea, etc. and they need to see the house in a couple of hours.  And your poor mom drives over an hour to come and get you and the dog because you are too out of it to drive you and the dog away from your home that needs to be shown.  Or like the time that school lets out early because of snow and a showing is rescheduled to a time in which you CAN go get the dog and get him out of the house for the showing.  And so you leave work (and all of the things you need to do) and go get the dog.  And you kill an hour and twenty minutes driving around with the dog until the snow gets so thick you have to drive home and you find out later that the showing was cancelled due to the weather.  But nobody told you.  Yep.  Those are the good times.  We are making it, but it has definitely kept us busy, kept us stressed, and kept us cleaner than usual. 

We've already learned a few tricks along the way (we've only been on the market for 15 days or so), and I'll try to share those as we go.  Cross your fingers and think of us when you leave a dirty dish in the sink...because you can. 

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