Saturday, February 5, 2011

Save the landscaping work for warmer weather...

That's our tip of the day, here at the Bozeman household.  For the last three or so weekends, Andy and I (along with the help of my little brother, on occasion) have been busting our tails in the cold to address our landscaping issues. 

First, we rid ourselves of the GIANT yews, which left us with GIANT roots to deal with and a lot of blank space in our landscaping beds.  So, we've been cutting out the roots, re-mulching the beds, and this weekend we set out to replace the shrubs.  As one might expect, it was nearly impossible to find ANY nurseries open this time of year, and Lowes and Home Depot won't have any stock for a while.  We finally found a nursery today and they were extremely helpful.  We didn't want to pay a lot at this point (we can always add things later when the weather is better/warmer), and we had no clue what we really needed/wanted.  So, we sprung for some holly bushes and pansies (they can supposedly survive through ice and snow), and I finally splurged on a spiral cypress (love!) for my lone front porch urn (the other fell off of the porch and broke=awesome). 

It has been a long day thus far, and we are still thawing out, but our house appears a bit greener this afternoon.  We realize the change is subtle with the small size of the hollies, but they needed room to grow in.  We can always add on later, right?

This is what we started with this morning.  I made sure to take these pics in on my camera to show to the landscaping store people.  It also helped us to figure out how many shrubs we needed.

Left bed...

Right beds...

After our little green additions...

We flanked the existing azalea bushes with 2 holly bushes.  We sprinkled in a few pansies for good measure.

We did the same on this side.

We've built up this shrub in the urn a bit since this picture, but I really love the look.  Of course, two of these would have been even more impressive, but when your urn decides to fall off the porch and break in decide one suits your fancy.

We are aware that something taller and more dramatic in the beds would have made a more noticeable change, but we felt that this was a good start.  Plus, we were not really in the mood to spend upwards of 500 dollars today, so this will do for now.


On an entirely different note, I sincerely apologize to our moms and others who might actually enjoy checking our blog.  I have been very neglectful.  Work has been really busy for the both of us lately, and we have other things going on around here that we will likely share later.  Bear with us for the next little bit.  My posting may be slightly sporadic. :)

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