Sunday, February 27, 2011

New Bedding...

As you may already know, Andy and Duncan had a bit of an accident that spurred a search for new bedding.  I immediately started looking through my favorite bedding sites and found something that fit the bill.  It was a slightly contemporary design, warm in color, and completely different from the solid colored coverlet I had gotten so tired of.  I finally received the shams last week, so I thought I'd share.

The new bedding hails from good ole' West Elm, and I am loving it.  I have always liked yellow, and the graphic design is much more interesting than what I was previously working with.  I realize I'll have to stick with neutral curtains, accent pillows, etc., but I like that this bedding holds its own. 

Bad news?  This bedding will NOT work in the green room at this point.  It completely clashes with the wall color and curtains, not to mention it looks pretty rough on the black bed in that room.  All of this to say, this will have to remain packed up until we make it into the next house.  Hopefully any potential buyers will not notice that we have torn bedding on our guest beds. :)  I look forward to the "clean slate" a new home will offer, and this bedding represents the first step in a different decorating direction. 

On a different note, a huge "Thank You" to  the McCrees for taking our lil' family of three to the mountains this weekend.  We had a blast...more on that to come!

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