Wednesday, January 12, 2011

RUG in Transit...

As you may know, I'm a warm color fan.  I have really tried to cool my urge to use a million different accent colors in our home (big no-no), and instead have attempted to stick with reds and yellows (yes, there are exceptions to that rule since I didn't figure out my whole red/yellow rule until six or so months after I moved into our home).  So obviously, when I saw this rug at West Elm, it was love at first sight...

The Andalusia Rug

Truth be told, I didn't come to know this rug all on my own.  I am the world's worst copy cat.  The Young House Lovers had checked out this puppy when they were looking to replace a rug in their home...and the rest is history. 

Although the rug has a hefty price tag, I am starting to believe that you really can't cheap out on a rug.  I know what I like, and although I definitely looked, there was nothing else that fit my fancy quite like this yellow beauty.  I also was blessed with Christmas money to be used on this purchase (thanks McCrees!), so it wasn't like I forced The Hubs to work a second job to pay for it.

Where am I going to put this?  Great question.  You may have noticed that we are rocking A LOT of carpet in our abode.  Well, this little guy is going to sit right on top of the ole' carpet in the living room.  Why?  To draw the eye away from the not-so-great carpeting, or course.  Although I'd love for this rug to sit on top of some fabulous wide-planked hardwood flooring, I don't have any, so carpeting will do!  Why shouldn't I have a rug to anchor my living room space just because I have carpet?  Work with what you have, my friends.

So there you have it, the rug that I ordered a few weeks ago.  Why am I telling you about it before it's delivered?  Well, this rug was supposedly back-ordered until mid-February.  Total bummer.  But, I went ahead and bit the bullet--I knew I loved it that much.  However, when I opened my email inbox this morning, a West Elm shipping confirmation was waiting for me.  The rug should be here tomorrow!  I'll make sure to keep you updated on how the rug settles into its new home.

P.S.--If you are interested in a similarly patterned rug with a much more reasonable price tag, check this one out at Target.

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